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Italeri 1/72 YF-12A 60-6935.

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Hello Boys and Girls

This started of as a fun build but then i thought i'd try rescribing the whole kit as the raised panel lines didn't look right, then it began

I added some detail to the cockpit, front landing gear well and the exhausts WIP here

It then turned into a bit of a drama, all my doing :D . I sat on it, droped the windshield and stepped on that and in the end managed to drop the whole kit whilst decaling destroying the nose. But its finished now :D

On to the pictures










Please feel free to leave nice polite constructive comments on anything

All the best Jamie

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Not too bad at all. You managed to reverse the damage pretty well, although I am annoyed that you went with the scheme and configuration I was going to use on mine. :P It's not often that I see a finished YF-12 in all-black. The exhausts also look well done. The're not quite right out of the box.

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Great job, I am working on a 1/48 bird right now. The Italeri kit is driving me nuts, warped, rough joins, and inaccurate details, but in the end, I am hoping it will turn out well.

And oh year, the decals were badly printed. The white is off center from the background, so it looks like all the white decals are ghosted...

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Richter, thanks for the support fella. I've got a 1/48 italeri YF-12 and a couple of the testors sr-71's as well.

Any tips on the decal front, i've been thinking of scaning mine and trying out decal paper and sealer, it can't be any worse or harder than the kit decals. I think the 1/48 and original 1/72 kits came out at the same time and the decals were printed by Cartograf to boot.

The originals went on ok at the start with micro set/sol and a couple of base coats of klear/future, but after 5-10 mins they started lifting around the edges and then just came away completely and floated away, major nightmare. Luckily i had a spare set in the newer 1/72 boxing, not so with the 1/48 you only get one chance :rolleyes: .

Model Madness, thank you as well its greatly appreciated.

All the best Jamie

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