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After returning to the fold/mould/call it what you like :whistle: after an absence of nigh on 2 years,one of the first things I set out to do was to find out what worthwhile kits had been released in my scale and areas of interests and to then try and procure them one way or another..

As you all probably know, ARC is frequented to a large degree by CONUS folks, not sure of the exact ratios but I;d hazard to guess the rest of world make up les sthan 30% of the membership? Not really important the exact number ratios but just look at the Buy and Sell section to give you an idea...

Which leads me on to the point of this post...

I'm sure many of you may too find it difficult and frustrating wading through pages of stuff for sale which is not as easily and cost effectgively available to us here in Europe due its location in North America, and the fact that most US/CAN modellers now ( unlike a few yrs back where i traded freely with folks in US, as the £/$ was more favourable to us then as well as the cost of shipping having more then doubled in last few yrs! ) only ( and understandably too ) want to trade in North America.

So....just a heads up to say, those of you that want to/may desire in the future to perhaps sell, buy and trade with other fellow ARC'ers from your side of the planet without the additonal hassle of import duties, excessive postage costs, etc, feel free to put your names here as a :crying2:

Oh, and to my US and Canadian cousins, please don't be offended by this post, its nothing personal - merely one of expediency and costs in a changing world.


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