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My somewhat... "cluttered" bench.

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I recognize the first one as "that big biplane Lucian Harpress made with the hand painted lozenge" Does that count? Good thing about having so many is you can finish a bunch in the span of a few weeks (on that wave myself lately!) Can't wait to see them done!

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Geez, you don't exactly go for the easy and/or small kits, do you? :wacko:


Where's the fun in that? :worship:

I also just noticed- the He 111 hiding under the XB-36? You can't tell, but there's another Heinkel grafted to it. :thumbsup:

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Is that the AModel 1/72 Spruce Goose with the peice of crap so called vacuform kit engines with there resin cowls being grafted onto the AModel wings?

I have the AModel Goose built all left is the cowl flaps (which I think they over engineered the nacelles and cowls anyway) and then ready for paint. I thought about trying the resin engine fronts to see if they would work on the AModel kit.

I have another one to build and really do not want to build 8 engines and nacelles with all them tiny parts.

Was just woundering


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model_madness- I got a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree. Now the only question is what to DO with it.... my luck I'll have to end up going back to school eventually. We'll see.

Resin Builder- This is not the Amodel kit- this is one of 25 vacuform kits that came out about a year before the Amodel kit did. The fit is horrible EVERYWHERE, and were it not for me replacing parts four or five times, it would be done by now. If you think the Amodel kit is bad, it can always get worse. :thumbsup:

ChernayaAkula- Yes it is. Sanger makes a vac kit of it, which can be found here: http://www.sangereng.fsnet.co.uk/. Website isn't set up that great, but it CAN be found. (FYI, the nacelle is off a Frog Avro Shakleton. But that's a build for the future....)

toniosky- You would be correct. This is one of those builds that actually progressing rather quickly. I'm almost ready to start applying the lozenge decals to the upper wing, so keep an eye out for that.

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