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K-8 Karakorum, Sri Lanka Air Force

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Hi everybody :worship:

I started on my current project for this GB last weekend. It is Trumpeter's 1/72 K-8 Karakorum. It appears to be a very nicely detailed kit and I have enjoyed building it so far. I started with the instrument panels and the cockpit tub. This was all very well detailed, I used Humbrol 2 (emerald gloss) for the MFD screens and added some clear gloss to give them some depth. A wash and a dry-brush later and I am really happy with the result.



I have also detailed the MB Mk-10 ejection seats, I am also happy with these too



Believe me, it looks a lot better in reality!! :thumbsup:

Thanks for looking

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Hi, thanks for all the comments so far.

Johnsan, I have your build saved as a reference, but as you say, no problems so far. After a search on airliners.net and such like, I have been able to build up an idea of how the markings are placed, so I have actually made some decals myself for this kit. Quality shouldn't be an issue as the SLAF insignia is so hard to see anyway!

I have been working on the fuselage interiors removing all the ejector pin marks with Tamiya putty (I like it so much :yahoo: ). I have also experimented with the Tamiya Weathering master set, just to get the interior colouring a bit more interesting. I will also use it to bring out the detail in the engine part supplied.

More pics next time... :)

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Here's where I'm up to at the moment


The cockpit tub has been placed in one side of the fuselage as has the nose gear and the engine. The fan blades have had some silver from the Tamiya Weathering Master set and I have since added some orange streaking to the exhaust.


The nose bay is nice and deep and turned out well with a wash added to it. However, there is no space in the nose to add any useful weight, so I will have to put some behind the cockpit.


And I have finished the front instrument panel with scratch built gunsights. I thought about using one of the leftover PE gunsights from my L-39 kit, but neither type looked accurate enough. I will add this with the seats after painting, weathering and clear coating.


Thanks for looking, till next time... ;)

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Hi again,

I have made some progress over the past week and the K-8 has come together very nicely


I have been impressed with the Tamiy Puttty which has proved itself in all the gaps in the wings and horizontal stabilizers. The fuselage seam line is gone as are the holes for the gun pack and the pylons which I am not using for this build. I do not want to think how I would have done all this with my old car body filler, which I would rather drink than put on my models :rofl:


Once I have cleaned it up, it will be ready for painting, I will use a Tamiya spray can for the bottom (AS-20 Insignia White) and airbrush Humbrol 127 for the top (similar to the MiG-27).


I also need to get the decals printed. I believe that I have all the markings correctly sized and it is just a matter of getting round to it. :lol:

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Hey Everybody,

another weekend, another amount of progress. The paint is now on the K-8


The underside was from a Tamiya spray can, Insignia White, to be precise, the upper grey was airbrushed with Humbrol 127, which I think is a very good match to reality.


The black was masked and brush painted, saves from masking up the whole plane, brush marks are not too apparent anyway.


I am thinking of using a dark grey panel line wash instead of black, just to make the panel lines obvious, yet still subtle. What do you guys think?

All in all a very good painting result, I am finding this project extremely enjoyable :deadhorse1:

Feedback and comments are welcome.

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Hi there,

I have made a small amount of progress this week, with a coat of gloss clear ready for decals.

Speaking of decals, here they are:


The outlines are for the insignias, I will paint them white and put them on before the actual markings, this way they are not transparent.


Here is a pic of the glossed model, the wheels and canopy have been painted now too.

All thats left now is to apply the decals, seal the decals, apply wash and weathering (exposed primer on leading edges), flat coat and final assembly. Sounds like fun :worship:

Comments are indeed welcome.

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Good Day everybody,

I am pleased to say that the K-8 is finished!! :yahoo:


Clear coating, decals and wash went on no problem, but I had to remove some scratch built rear vision mirrors from the canopy and ended up cracking it! :wave::soapbox: I knew I was enjoying this project too much!!

Fortunately, in the right light it is not visible, but how is Trumpeter when it comes to replacement parts?


Of course I have edited this picture to get rid of the crack!! (us modelers and our egos!!) :P


A closer view of the cockpit, the yellow on the leading edges is exposed primer. I drybrushed the color on and was happy with the effect.


I have found this project to be immensely enjoyable and have had a great time building it. I highly recommend this kit to any trainer fans out there, just be careful with the clear parts! :D

Thanks everybody for looking, your comments and feedback are welcome.

Best of luck to all the other GB participants and their projects.

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Hi Mig! Thanks for posting a great build. :) I like the way your model came out and the way you posted the details of your build as you went along. I was not familar with this aircraft at all until I saw your entry in this GB. Looking at your completed model, I am struck by how similar in design the K-8 is to the Japanese T-4 Dolphin that I am building in another thread in this GB. It is cool to see the similarities in design. Thanks for posting!


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Thanks for your very kind comments.

Mike- you are right it is a very similar looking plane to the T-4, good luck with building it

I might enter another project later, once I have finished my current project (I already have several ideas :rofl: )

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