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Hi Luigi,

Letting al those cats go? How hart breaking!

Can't resist... P.M sent for

00805 F-14 D Tomcat VF-101 Grim Reapers

00664 AV-8B Harrier II VMA-231 Ace of Spades

E-31 E-2C Hawkeye 2000

00825 AH-64A Apache Iraqi Freedom


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I can definitely recommend dealing with Luigi, I ordered without any problem at all last year. And I'll do it again :salute:

Luigi, PM sent Re.

00808 F-14 B Tomcat VF-11 Red Rippers

00660 F-14 A Tomcat VF-154 Black Knights History

00735 F-14 A Tomcat VF-33 Tarsiers



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Sorry most and maybe all he stuff listed got sold,going to edit it,I do have another thread with some stuff for sale let me bump it after some edits as I lost track of what got sold and what not



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