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1/48 Westland Whirlwind (fixed wing)

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  • 2 weeks later...

A quick dry fit to get things rolling


Never realized how much the Whirlwind looks like a glider w/o engine nacelles.

Time to get cracking on the cockpit - much more resin and PE than I've dealt with before - we'll see how that goes.



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Got the cockpit painted and most of the fiddly bits assembled.





Not used to so much resin and photoetch - definitely slows me down, but I'm liking the level of detail.

Glad that Brett Green has already done this kit and so I'll probably use his same methodology for assembling the cockpit vis a vis the fuselage halves.

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Cockpit is in and fuselage is closed:


Still have some resin trimming to do on the bottom of the cockpit tub so the wings will fit nicely - still some resin dust in the pics:



Being a noob with PE I couldn't bring myself to try and actually thread the harnesses through the buckles - too nerve wracking.


Wing root fit looks to be tricky - sigh.....

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Added some red for the radiator gauges in the cockpit


Now the wings are on. Pretty happy with the wing roots. A little tweaked on the bottom/starboard side, but manageable


Cut the elevators for some droopiness


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  • 3 weeks later...

Major assembly is done.

Had to do a little smoothing on the nacelles.



I'm using these for refs and wanted the nacelles to have that same smooth, panel free look.




Also think I'll forgo the yellow on the leading edge of the wings as per the photos.

Canopy is masked


Time for pre-shading


Bottom is painted with my version of Medium Sea Grey


Next step, mask off the bottom and start with the camo

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Painting is pretty much done - added the Operation Starkey/Dieppe Raid (lots of conflicting sources) stripes.



Have some overspray to clean up on the port nacelle/wing and got to make the black underside a bit more solid where the nacelles join, but nothing major.

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Decals are on and squadron codes painted


Light wash of Payne's gray to bring out panel lines a little



Here a before and after



Only have to add the landing gear, flat coat, and add rigging.

The landing gear are white metal and look like they'll be a royal pain...sigh. Kind poor fit and not very obvious how they are to attach to the nacelles.

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Amazing job, especially considering the quality of fit on these Classic Airframes kits.

I'm curious - how did you clean up the little leaks from the letter codes that you sprayed on the fuselage sides? Did you scrape lightly with a blade, use some sort of solvent, or overpaint with a brush with the colour that was underneath where it leaked?


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WOW! Great work. I'm impressed with the hand cut squadron codes. Very well done. She's gonna look nice when finished. I met a gentleman, 'Hap' Kennedy, who flew these for a time and he was like the airplane very much. The only complaint was that it was slightly underpowered and it could have been a bit more manoeuverable. He said that had it had Merlins or something more powerful than the Peregrines...

I look forward to seeing her 'on her feet'.


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