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Lanceri Neri and Cavallino Rampante

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Well I finally got some work done this week end and last. The cockpit interiors are done and after I took the photos I got the fuselages closed up. Went together pretty well with almost no gaps at all.




Oops, I just noticed when posting this that I took the pictures before adding the head rests and the joysticks. These did go in before I closed the fuselage.

Next weekend I should have the construction done so more pix then.

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Welcome Derek. Interesting choice if subjects. I look forward to your progress. I really like the Hasegawa 1/48 Sabres. They literally fall together.

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The cockpits in the F-86E(M)s were black though... :monkeydance: in case you figured it wasn't too late to do over. But not really an issue anyway.

Here's my Cavallino Rampante


WOW!!! That's an impossible act to follow!

As to the interior colour I went through over 700 pics on airliners.net and only three or four of them were interiors. The black one I found was for a USAF aircraft and the grey for "foreign" so I opted for the grey assuming that went for Italy as well. Also the IP's I used from Eduard were grey and I did not fancy painting them black as I was sure I would mess up the dials. (I did this on a 1/32 F-15I and it was not easy in the larger scale!). So, in the end I think they will stay grey.

I was intending leaving the panel at the base of the fin but now that you have brought it up..........

Thanks for all the info.


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I finally managed to get some more done. The fuselage halves are closed up, the seams filled and sanded (using Gunze's disolved putty) and the whole lot given a base coat of their base white. next step is to polish the base coat down and then start with the real painting but that will have to wait for next week. Attached are some photos of two stages - before and after base coat. The quality is not great but then neither are my photography skills!





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First of all - a happy, healthy and above all PEACEFUL Independence Day to all you Americans out there!!

Now for the progress - not much but still .....

I tried to find a commercial paint that matched the FS 17778 that Tauro suggests on their decal sheet so I mixed up an "ivory" (a cream really) by adding some Humbrol "canvas" to their gloss white which looks quite good (you can see the contrast to the wing tip white in the photo). After spraying the cream I masked off and sprayed the blue sections.

On the Lanceri Neri I've painted the red-white-green underside of the wing (only the green, and you must believe me that that is a bright green, is visible in the photo). The masking was done by photocopying the "Frecce Tricolori" decal from the Hasegawa kit and using it as a stencil. Hopefully I'll be able to pretty much complete the painting next week-end.






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Not much action here for the past few days (recovering from the 4th of July revelry?) so here's a bit to keep things moving on. I've done most of the painting except for a second black coat on the "Lanceri" (I ran out of paint!!) and the red on the "Cavallino". I actually got that masked up and a first coat of red on but there's not much to see except for a big red blob until the masking comes off (something like bandages after cosmetic surgery) so I didn't take a photo. Here's what the rest look like so far - top and bottom for each.





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The weekend has come around again so I've made a little progress on the "Cavallino". The red is all painted and the masking removed. There is a little touching up to do but not much. The eagle eyed amoungst you will see that I've made a rather glaring error - the red on the top decking does not go back far enough!! This means remasking and spraying the missing bit but that will have to wait for next weekend though.

No advance on the "Lanceri" until the paint arrives (it's on it's way).




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Excellent work Derek. Your efforts are going to pay big dividends. You should be able to fix the red 'flaw' relatively easily...hopefully.

Keep at it.


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Almost finished!! I still have a few decals to add, the u/c to attach and a few points to touch up on the paint job and that's it. I found, on looking at the available photos again, that what I had thought was an error in the red painting of the top deck was not - there is a drawing showing it different but many photos show it as I have it.





Should have these complete in a week or two so more pics then

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Complete at last!!!! I think the last few details took more time than the first 95% of the build.

I tried weathering for the first time on the "Cavallino" using the Promodeller wash and I think it looks not too bad so I might try it again in the future.

Here are some pics of the completed models.








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