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F-4E pre-110TFS (Hase 72nd)

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For this F-4 (check the entries thread) I'm using a standard Hasegawa F-4F. This because I've got toooo many on them in my stash. Some additional parts (as slotted stabs will) will come from my sparepart stash, others will be made out of resin. Also some Eduard PE will be used. For the moment arms will only be TERs on the inboards, not shure if I'm going to make changes to that..

Inspired by some WIP's on this board, I trying some scratchbuilding in the pit;




Crappy pic, but some weathering applied:


That's it for the moment...

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Work contugnued on the cockpit, and it's finished now (OK, there's to much red paint on the sticks, so that'll need some attention);




Once the cockpit was done, I grabbed a saw and had some fun;



Besides the airbrakes (Eduard PE), resin extended slats (Paragon) and ailerons will be fitted to the kit.

Firts fittings show that I've cutted away just a bit to much from the slats, so quit some filling and sanding has to be done.

To be contignued....

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That is shaping up very nicely, Sir!

I know nothing about the type you are building: are the alterations to the leading edges to convert to a version different from the kit, lr to improve detail?

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Been overseas for the past month, glad to be back and building again :sign_spam: .

are the alterations to the leading edges to convert to a version different from the kit, lr to improve detail?

I've cut out these parts to have them replaced with resin (Paragon) extended slats. This not only gives more detail, but is also a correction to the slats of the kit it self.

The actual slats will be placed as last (later during the build), but this is what the correction to the wing looks like:




Due to all the filling and sanding, some rescribing has to be done. Once done, the tailsection will get some attention.

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Time for an update here...

Besides doing some body work (the filling and sanding is not my most favorite...), I started on the landinggear;


After the PE was fitted, I painted all semi gloss black, this because the gives more depth to the white being sprayed afterward;


The gear still needs some work (bit of repainting and weathering).

The body is getting some shape, but I hate those Hase intakes :bandhead2: , they have a very poor fit. Since I'll be using covers for the intakes, I didn't pay much attention to the insides...



To on the belly some filling and sanding is hard needed, so that's what I'll be doing next...


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Once again time for an update here...

Nearly all glued parts needed some sanding and filling too, and that's about all I've been doing to this kit lately...



Since I wanted to make some visual progress, I've started painting the exhaust area of the jet. Once this is done, the area will be masked and thus allowing me to hold the kit without making fingerprints..


The small airscoops are made out of resin,but still need some sanding and filling too:


Can't wait to finish sanding and finally start painting the rest of the kit :worship:

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I'm finally done sanding this one, and getting close to paintin the F-4.

The aft section has allready been painted, only just needing a bit of weathering;



Burnercans are from Aires (well, I made the resin copies), they still need some attention before I glue them to the jet;


Also the stabilos have been painted. Before I can actually weather them, I'll have to pollish the first to make the paint look more "alive";


Hope you like the progress so far!

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Unfortunately I didn't make it before the official end if this group build, my second goal was to finish this one before the end of the year...but I'm affraid that due to work even that goal I will not be able to make...

However, it's not to long before I can start painting this Phantom;




As allways (as it seems), before it's ready to be painted, there allways more small details to be fixed.... So, a little bit more filling and sanding......

Just curious why did you cut the wing tips and glue them back on ? I tough you cut them off to put them in the folded position !

I'm not shure if I inderstand you correct, but this F-4 gets extended slats, they are aftermarket from Paragon.

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