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Finally getting started on this project (along with a T-34C). Both kits are for a F-15E pilot stationed at Mountain Home AFB. Kit it being built out of box except for markings. Sword kit is the best out there but a bugger to build....instrument decals are from Mike Grant Decals.





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Excellent cockpit!! :D As I have a few T-38s planned for sometime in the future, I really appreciate you highlighting the areas to look out for when building this kit such as the wheels. Thanks for helping us Talon neophytes!

Have fun modeling!



Do some removal of material from the fwd part of the nose gear bar (around the wheel hump) and inside the fuselage. Something in that area was causing my fuselage halves to slip a little when I pre-fit the halves together. Being my second T-38, my first one went together with panel lines off....I also had to remove some material from behind the fwd MIP to fit under the glare shield. You can see how much was removed compared to the aft MIP in the last two photos.

As I like to say, it is the best T-38 kit out there in 1/48 but a pain in the arse to build.

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