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Metal Gear Solid Rising Trailer

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Idk what that is......

on another note. They are doing a Anniversary Airshow at the Former El Toro

You know how they always advertise those kitchen knives on tv ... "It slices, it dices ..."

Wow, Cool, you have to go to that if it's worthwhile acts wise!

What's it been, 15 years since the last one ?



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Wow - that is a blast from the past. They made the Normandy beach one for the PS2 and it was great. Everyone since that one was pretty bad. I wish them luck.

agreed, the pacific one was pretty good but they never did manage a part 2. after allied assault they just seemed to reuse levels from the pc versions to make a new game. moh airborne was pretty unique though it had its issues during play. hopefully this new one will make up for those bad titles.

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