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I have 2 1/72 Hasegawa F-117As and one of which I would like to build as the last flight, but having trouble locating any decals for it.

I see Italeri has a kit out, maybe I could use their decals for it (would they even line up?), I also see that Hasegawa had one released but having even more trouble locating that as everyone knows you have trouble locating any limited edition Hasegawa kit.

Is there any after market decals available for it, that I dont know about? Thats one for Andre ;)

Dont like the idea of buying a whole kit just for its decals, especially since I already have 2 F-117As in the stash.

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Thats one for Andre :coolio:

Well, since you put it that way.... ;-)

From memory, the Hasegawa Stars & Stripes edition has both a set of seperate stars, enabling you to paint the red, white and blue bits, and a full decal for the entire underside of the model. If my memory isn't failing me, you're welcome to the full decal of the one I have in the stash - you'd have to come up with the other markings, of course, but (again from the top of my head) the kit didn't have much special going on on top that you couldn't cobble together from the decals of the other Hasegawa issues.

Just a caveat - I'm away from home for work and I won't be able to check for you until somewhere next week.

I have built the Italeri many years ago, and it definately differs from the Hasegawa so I don't think the Italeri sheet would fit the Hase kit.



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What a coincidence, I located the Hasegawa Stars and Stripes kit from a fellow ARC member and it just so happens I started decaling the bottom yesterday. The inevitable happened, the first decal I placed didnt react too well with Solvaset, it rolled up on itself round the edges and creased right up, beyond saving it and now going have to paint it.

Lucky enough the blue part that has the stars i havent used (have used the decal for front landing gear and that didnt react too well either) and hope to use it, just hope it wouldnt get ruined like the others and having to resort to placing each and every one of those stars on :wacko:

You wouldnt happen to know what FS number the blue is? Just incase :thumbsup:

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