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Revell 1/144 An-124

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LHS had one in stock today but I couldn't get it. May get it Wednesday. I don't build big jets but this is one of my favorite subjects. First time I saw one was on the apron at a Royal Saudi AF air base back in '91. I've found links there would be a 1/144 An-225, anyone have info?


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I heard that too and I think it is Anagrand that is doing the AN-225. The AN-124 is a great kit! Just get ready for dozens of decals for the wings. All stenciling is included.

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I thought it was AModel that was doing it. Have to look at the cataloge they sent me tp be for sure. I picked up a 1/200 Airmail Classic handmade wood An-225 last week. It is really nice looking plane, short run, they made about 30 of them total. Also there An-22.

Buddy picked up there 1/200 Tradewinds (10 total made) and a An-124, IL=86, An-22, An-225. They all look good.

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There are only two An-225 Mriya's. That's the six-engined version built to haul the Buran space shuttle.



There is only one currently flying - the other was the static test airframe and is in a hangar at Kiev-Svyatoshino.

There was talk of using the revenue generated by the flying Dream to complete the static test airframe to flying condition - but, AFAIK, nothing has come of it so far.....

So, yes there are two An-225's - but there is really only one..... :D


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There are only two An-225 Mriya's. That's the six-engined version built to haul the Buran space shuttle.



Airmail Classics 1/200

Do you go as "Model Dad" on Hyperscale?

I know there was only 2 made of the real airplane. I do not think I said anything about the real airplanes was talking about the 1/200 scale model versions What I was saying was that the model company who made the 1/200 wooden display models only made 20-30 each of the An-225 and the An-22 for worldwide sales. I am very proud of the fact that I got the An-22 as they are sold out of the display model of the An-22. And I am sure the rest are not to far behind in being sold out. I think my next purchase will be of the Ekranoplan KM "Caspian Sea Monster" and there Ekranoplan A-90 Orlyonok both in 1/200.

Here is a copy or the email he sent me about the qty, as my english is not the best and maybe you can understand him better as far a words and meanings.

Dear Randy

Thanks for your mail. I am happy that you like our models. The

production is usually between 10 and 30 pieces. From the Tradewind we

only made 10 pieces. From the Antonovs some more between 20 and 30.

At the moment we are producing old Swiss military planes in 1:48 as we

celebrate 100 years of aviation in Switzertland. After that I intend to

start with some more 1:200, especially large and rare planes. Maybe

things like Il-76, An-12, Tu-95, Tu-114 or so.

Please see the Ekranoplans like the KM and Orlyonok as well as the

Boeing 314 which are available.

Best regards



Airmail Flugzeugmodelle GmbH


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