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Single most expensive modeling tool?

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So I whent to pick up my wife at work and was snooping around her lab and found these babies

and Oh my god wow just wow!

they are awesome! cant even begin to explain how much better the the $50 ones we get from the hobby store these are.

they are custom made for each user so its kind of weird when I use them but its still pretty amazing

I asked her if i could keep them and she just laughed then directed me to their website


so obviously i don't get to keep them =(

but she's letting me borrow them for the weekend just in time to start working on my F-18's cockpit.



Maybe after a bit more convicing i can get a pair of my own :unsure:

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Maybe after a bit more convicing i can get a pair of my own :banana:

Oh man! Those are SWEEEEET! I would love to get my mits on a pair. After undergoing eye surgery in April, I've lost some of my naked eyes' magnifying ability for close work and now have to use some sort of optical aid for modeling. Already have two Opti-Visors with the optional Opti-loupes, and more pairs of reading glasses, monoculars, jeweler's loupes and miscelaneous magnifyers than I can keep track of.

As to my most expensive modeling tools? Considering how little I use them, the metal punch set I got for about $40 was right up there, along with the set of digital calipers I got for $25.


Old Blind Dog

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I have a set of those insert lenses I took off an old pair of glasses I got from a dentist friend. The frame he gave me was dried out and brittle so I salvaged the lenses and will take an old pair of my glasses to make a new set. You can find these much cheaper if you don't shop in the medical supply community of suppliers.

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For me its my Harder and Steenbeck Evolution solo airbrush, I got it as a prize for winning the best of show with my 1/32 CF-18, but the cost of that kit plus all the aftermarket would be close to $200 then there is all the time I spent at the work bench building it.

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