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workdesk tools and equipment storage tips?

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I'm setting up my new work area and want to minimize the amount of clutter on my work table (pictured below).

In addition to the airbrush and compressor, I have a dremmel set, a bunch of sheets of sand paper, quite a bit of paint, brushes, knives, and the usual assortment of modeling crap you would find.

I'd like to store most of it on the little DVD rack sitting next to the table, but want to put the junk into some kind of containers which look presentable...so no tupper-wear, no shoe boxes, etc. I share this space with my wife and we want to keep it looking presentable.


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Don+t have any pics of my cave at hand, but I´ve bought a few IKEA storage boxes things with drawers to store paint and the like. Have you tried Lowe´s and-or Home Depot for "small scale" stprage units (for lack of a better owrd.


ps if you need more info (I could take some pics and send them to you..) let me know

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In this picture, you can see a couple of the different storage things I have. The large red faced rack w/ all the drawers I believe came from the tool dept. at K-mart, but you can get them at Lowes or Home Depot. Next to the red shelving thing, are 2 small 9 drawer organizers. I cant remember where those came from, but I want to say that those came from Lowes. I also have the wooden rack, which I made myself out of scrap wood that I had left over from some projects.


The last organizer I have, thats not shown in the picture above, is a round spinning organizer that I got from Hobby Lobby.


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