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Academy 1/48 CT-133, 414 Sqn, RCAF 75th Anniversary

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Well I started this kit a few weeks ago, 2 days before I rediscovered that this Trainer GB was going on. I didnt have much done at the time, just base coats on some of the cockpit parts.

It's a pretty straight forward build. I did decide toadd some missing detail here and there. I opted for the True Details T-33 ejection seats which are far better looking than the slabs of Academy styrene provided in the kit. I've also added some structural and plumbing detail in the main wheel wells, and Ill be adding some position lights on the spine and belly. THe real aircraft being an Electronic Warfare Trainer has an ECM bump on the nose, which I also had to add on.Im using the Leading Edge decals for the 414 Squadron, RCAF 75th Anniversary" decals from Leading Edge. This being a Canadair built CT-133, there are a few differences in the vents. Leading Edge gives us decals to represent the new ones, so all I had to do was fill in the kit vents with putty and sand them smooth.





After I added the position lights on the spine and belly, I discovered that they are not centered, but offset slightly to the left. So after this picture was taken, I removed the lights I made, sanded the area smooth again, and just drilled new holes where the lights should be. I found some small clear styrene bits that I will use after I get the decals and clearcoats done.



Once all the seams were filled and sanded, I primed the kit with Mr Surfacer 1000, then painted the kit with MM gloss black enamel. Well either the bottle was too old or I didnt thin it enough, the paint went down really rough. I thinned the paint some more and tried to give it a wet coat, but it didn't help. I let it sit for a few days so I could do some sanding to smooth it out. I thgen bought a brand new can of Testors Gloss Black spray paint, and it wnet down perfectly in one coat. Once that had cured a few days, it was time to do the metallic shaded areas. I experimented with some Alclad Polished Aluminium, wow, that stuff is shiny. too bright for my needs with this build, so I over coated that with some MM Metalizer Stainless Steel, and blended that and the black using MM Titanium Metalizer. the tonal changes between the titanium and stainless steel are much more noticeable in real life. Hopefully Ill be able to take some better pictures down the road a bit.





Wow, I just looked at the pictures I took, and you can see the metallic overspray right through the gloss black touch ups. :whistle: I guess Ill have to do something about that.

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Guess its time I get back at her. The faulty compressor has been repaired, was just a blown fuse. Anyways. I got the decals started, These are typical Leading Edge, great subjects, bright colors, shrap print but fragile so you must be careful with them. At this point I have most of the decals applied, all that remain are the no-steps, walkways (which I will probably paint on) and a few warning stencils for around the canopy sill. I believe these are sized for the Testors T-33 kits as the big red maple leaf and the red no step stripes do not fit the Academy kit correctly. If I were to do this again, Id mask and paint on the red maple leaf instead of using the decal. I did have to paint on the warning stripes on the upper wings.





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Thanks Guys. I hope to see a few of these built for the Canadian Wings GB.

This was kit was either gonna be one of my prize donations for the first attempt at the Canadian Wings GB, or it would have been one of my entries. Actually builds up pretty nicely, though could use a bit more detail in the cockpit, main gear wells and flap wells.

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Great looking build! I especially like the way the black/silver scheme came out. :P I have a few gloss black show birds to do sometime in the future, and your suggestion to use MM gloss black looks like a great way to go.

Have fun modeling!



Thanks Mike, Actually, thats not MM Glss Black. the bottle I had was an old one, and it didnt go down very well. I ended up using plain old Testors GLoss Black spray paint bought at Micheal's, I was really surpised how well it went down.

Doing awesome on the T-Bird Cheetah!! That is such a striking aircraft!! :cheers:

Thanks Lyle, It is a neat looking scheme, one of the better CAF schemes not worn by a Hornet.

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