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Academy/Airfix 1:700 Titanic

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I've read a little about this particular kit, including a discussion over at modelwarships.com. Generally, it looks pretty good for 1:700, though I'm curious to hear from people who have it, or have built it. Would it be worth the money, from a buildability standpoint? I'm also curious to hear about any particular flaws in the kit. From photographs I can tell it has a few issues at least:

-Overstated, regular shell plating

-Incorrect windows along superstructure, bridge, and hull

-Aft A-deck, and B-deck 2nd class entrance section is wrong

-Missing collapsibles C and D

It has some advantages over the 1:720 kit, which I've built. It has a more proper sheer, whereas the 1:720 Titanic has none. It also has a proper A-deck promenade. The 1:720 kit has a simple, straight inner bulkhead for this space. I can go to some lengths to add detail to this ship, but when it comes to things like sheer, it's impossible to adequately address.


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