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August 2nd, 1990

-Iraq invades at 0100 with three Republican Guard divisions (over 100,000 troops are massed) and 350 tanks.

-ACIG article on the invasion of Kuwait

-News footage (Youtube)

-Sabah family flees

-President Bush orders economic embargo and bans trade while freezing all Iraqi and Kuwaiti assets, UK, France, and Switzerland do also.

-US dispatches additional naval units to the Gulf

-The UN Security Council formulates Resolution 660 -UN Resolution 660

- Soviets suspend shipments.

-Beginning date for the Southwest Asia Service Medal. -SASM

-Independence Carrier Battle Group is on station in the Indian Ocean and the Eisenhower Group in the Mediterranean; both are directed to sail for the Gulf.

-Hours after the invasion, the Iraqi Revolutionary Command Council (RCC) announced that "the sons of dear Kuwait appealed to the Iraqi leadership to provide support and backing to prevent any possibility by those who may think of foreign interference."

-The Soviet Union announces the stopping of arms sales to Iraq.

-Bush confers with Mrs. Thatcher.

August 3rd 1990

-Last ditch fighting throughout Kuwait.

-Iraq's Army moves to within a few miles of Saudi border.

-State Department announces that US civilians are trapped in Kuwait.

-UN Resolution condemns the invasion and demands the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of Iraqi troops (Yemen abstains).

-Kuwaiti Mirage F1 and A-4 aircraft depart for Saudi Arabia and Bahrain airfields. 95% of the pilots get out, many were on leave with almost all of the aircraft except the trainers. The A-4s move to Dhahran where they are serviced by US commercial firms.

-Japan, FRG, Italy, and Belgium freeze assets.

-The USAF institutes "Operation Snafy" which was an immediate upgrade to its AWACS aircraft on alert in Saudi Arabia by adding a new "sensor". 7 x aircraft were initially retrofitted and 8 x more soon after. This was reported by Lt Gen Gordon Fornell who also stated that Saudi AWACS aircraft were quickly retrofitted with HAVE QUICK.

-US Secretary of State Baker and Soviet Foreign Minister Shevardnadze release an unprecedented joint statement calling on the world community to impose an arms-embargo on Iraq.

-Israeli Defence Minister, Moshe Arens, warns that if Iraqi forces enter Jordanian territory, Israel will view it as an act of war.

August 4th, 1990

-Iraq announces a new military government for Kuwait, made up of a "popular army" formed to protect its (Iraq's) holdings.

-The Last Kuwaiti aircraft make it to Saudi bases.

-Europeans also impose economic embargo.

-US leaders meet with Bush at Camp David to discuss the now popular "Military Option". Gen Colin Powell, CJCS, briefs Presidential advisers on Plans and Options.

-Intelligence assessments report more than 100,000 Iraqi troops now south of Kuwait City heading for the Saudi border.

-50 x warships are sent to the Gulf and CENTCOM is sent a warning order to activate.

-Bush offers King Fahd US Military aid.

-Jordan describes Saddam as an Arab patriot.

-Canada & Japan suspend imports and dealings.

-Satellite photos show that Iraqi reinforcements approaching Saudi Arabia did not pull back.

August 5th, 1990

-Massive human rights violations noted in Kuwait.

-Cheney departs for Saudi Arabia

-The Saudi Armed Forces goes on full alert and reserves are called up.

August 6th, 1990

-UN Security Council declares a mandatory world wide embargo Resolution 661 against Iraq and occupied Kuwait (Cuba & Yemen abstain).

-Defence Secretary Richard Cheney wins Saudi agreement to base US troops on Saudi soil.

-Iraq's new government in Kuwait takes charge.

-Saddam Hussein calls for the formation of 11 new divisions.

-Intel warns Bush that Iraq could take Saudi Arabia.

-Iraq started a rounding up all foreigners in Kuwait but many make it out overland.

-Saudi King Fahd formally asks the US and other friendly states to send troops.

-Several hundred westerners are forcibly rounded up in Kuwait and bussed to Baghdad.

-Iraq shuts down its two oil pipelines through Turkey.

-Saudi troops probe into the neutral zone between Kuwait and their border.

-2,000 US military and 4 x AWACS are in Saudi Arabia at this time.

-Iraq is moving 70,000 troops from the Iranian border area to Kuwait to dig fortifications.

August 7th, 1990

-Bush orders the deployment of US combat troops and aircraft to Saudi Arabia.

-Cheney meets with Saudi officials and briefs them on US Intel findings.

-Saudi's agree to open their bases to US Forces. GCC neighbours also agree to allow US Forces to stage, store, and operate out of their bases.

-The "**** of Kuwait"continues

-The XVIII Airborne Corps is put on alert.

-The USS Independence Battle Group is in the Gulf of Oman, the Eisenhower BG transits the Suez, while the Saratoga & Wisconsin Battle Groups depart the East Coast.

-The 71st TFS from the 1st TFW at Langley AFB, Virginia, deploys with 24 x F-15C's in 4 x cells of six aircraft non-stop for 14.5 hours to Dhahran. The Eagle's were fully armed with eight missiles during the entire trip and each cell trailed the others by 30 minutes. The 2nd Squadron left on the 8th.

-Saddam threatened to "pluck out the eyes" of anyone who attacks Iraq.

-News footage for August 7th.

August 8th, 1990

-Iraq declares Kuwait as a "province" of Iraq by annexation.

-Britain agrees to join the growing multinational force in the Persian Gulf.

-Bush addresses the nation.

-Major Naval/Marine components en-route.

-First US Ground arrive on Saudi soil (82nd Airborne).

-Congress briefed by Cheney & Powell.

-The British Government announces that it will send forces to the Gulf.

-A force of B-52 Bombers deploy to Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean.

-President Bush declares that a "line has been drawn in the sand".

-Over 200,000 Iraqi's are now said to be in Kuwait.

-Baker meets with Turkey's Ozal for help on creating a second "front" with forces operating out of Turkish NATO bases.

-Saddam meets with Arafat.

-News footage for August 8th part 1

-News footage for August 8th part 2

-President Bush's address to the nation

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20 Years Ago Today:


By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN, Special to The New York Times

Published: August 6, 1990

WASHINGTON, Aug. 5— Committing the United States to roll back Iraq's conquest of Kuwait, President Bush said today that he would not settle for anything less than a total Iraqi withdrawal and would not tolerate the establishment of a puppet regime in Kuwait.

In a forceful statement to reporters as he returned to the White House from Camp David, Md., Mr. Bush all but committed himself to use military force against Iraq if diplomatic efforts and economic sanctions fail to produce an Iraqi withdrawal.

Mr. Bush dispatched Defense Secretary Dick Cheney to Saudi Arabia tonight in hopes of obtaining permission to send United States armed forces there to deter an Iraqi attack on that country, Administration officials said.

'This Will Not Stand'

Visibly angry, Mr. Bush said: ''I view very seriously our determination to reverse this aggression. There are an awful lot of countries that are in total accord with what I've just said.''

''We will be working with them all for collective action,'' the President added. ''This will not stand. This will not stand, this aggression against Kuwait.''

Asked how he could prevent the installation of an Iraqi-sponsored government in Kuwait, the President shot back, ''Just wait, watch and learn.''

The story, via the New York Times archives, continues at the link.


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Air Force General Named to Head 'Desert Shield'

From "The Dispatch", Lexington N.C., August 10, 1990

SUMTER, S.C. (AP) - The frontline Air Force general directing U.S. forces in Saudi Arabia is a highly decorated Vietnam War fighter pilot who blends toughness with a sense of humor, neighbors say.

Lt. Gen. Charles A. Horner, 53, was named Thursday to head Desert Shield, the U.S. military effort to prevent further Iraqi advances in the Persian Gulf.

"He's the forward commander. He's the one that's on the ground and out in the boonies directing the show," said one Pentagon officer.

The three-star general, native of Davenport, Iowa, has lived here since 1987 with wife, Mary Jo. He commands the 9th Air Force and the U.S. Central Command Air Forces at nearby Shaw Air Force Base.

Friends in Sumter, a city of 29,000 about 45 miles from Columbia, are impressed with the man known as much for his quick wit and love of golf as for his military exploits.

"He gives the appearance of a real tough guy, and he is tough. But he also has a sense of humor," said Phil Ballinger, president of the Sumter County Chamber of Commerce. "He could be a professional comedian. He keeps people laughing, but when the time comes, he's certainly a no-nonsense guy."

Horner is a pilot with more than 4,500 flying hours. He regularly flies a variety of jets.

During the Vietnam War, Horner tallied more than 100 combat missions flying F-105 fighter bombers. He was an instructor at the Fighter Weapons School at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada and went on to hold a number of positions in the Tactical Air Command at Langley Air Force Base in Virginia.

A graduate of the Armed Forces Staff College and the National War College, he commanded units at Nellis, at Luke Air Force Base in Arizona and at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico.

In 1985, he was named deputy chief for plans at the Tactical Air Command Headquarters. He assumed his present command in 1987.

Horner's decorations include the Distinguished Service Medal, the Silver Star with one oak leaf cluster, the Legion of Merit, Distinguished Flying Cross, Meritorious Service Medal, Air Medal and Air Force Commendation Medal.

"Gen. Horner is a down-to-earth professional, a superb general officer who knows his stuff but genuinely cares about the people under his command," said Representative John Spratt (D., S.C.).

Mayor Steve Creech said Horner has about a 12-handicap but could be a better golfer if he had more time.

City officials work hard to maintain close ties with the base and they say Horner is the best of neighbors. He joins in Chamber of Commerce projects and meets frequently with community leaders.

But right now, his neighbors are glad he's a tested fighting man. "He's a very skilled and knowledgeable Air Force commander," Ballinger said. "I'm glad he's on our side."

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Week 2

August 9th, 1990

-UNSC Resolution 662, declaring "annexation" of Kuwait as being Null and Void under International Law.

-US Troops start arriving in numbers.

-The operation is officially titled "DESERT SHIELD".

-12 x F-15C/D pre-paid attrition spares are to be wavered from the Metzenbaum Amendment by President Bush and shipped to the RSAF from USAF stocks. Saudi's presently have 58 x delivered and 2 x more being delivered, but 60 x was the imposed legal limit.

-UK Def Sec Tom King announced that England will send Tornado and Jaguar Squadrons to the Gulf with troops and support personnel. Group Capt R.S. "Rick" Peacock-Edwards arrives with an advanced party.

-3000 US Citizens in Kuwait are not allowed to leave.

-Bush sends letter to Congress complying with War Powers Act.

August 10th, 1990

-10 Aug 90 12 of 20 Arab League States agree to send an all-Arab Military Force to Saudi to join the American Force but not to be commanded by it. Islamic Forces will come under the Saudi National Defence Forces.

- General Norman Schwarzkopf., commander CENTCOM, is named Operation Commander.

- Army announces that the 24th Infantry Division will be deployed from Ft Stewart, Georgia.

-Saddam declares "Jihad" against the US and Israel.

-F-16's from Shaw AFB & C-130's from Pope AFB begin arriving in Saudi.

-USN activates Mercy & Comfort Hospital Ships.

-The first UK F-3 Tornado's arrive in Dhahran AB.

-Egyptian and Moroccan forces start arriving in Saudi.

-Checkmate's Col John Warden first meets with Gen Schwarzkopf in Tampa to outline the proposed "air campaign".

August 11th, 1990

-Army announces that elements of the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), Fort Campbell, Ky., will go.

-1st Marine Division from Camp Pendleton mounts out

-F-16's are sent from Shaw AFB, SC, and Hill AFB, Utah.

-Two Iraqi pilots land their MiG-23's in Saudi Arabia and defect.

-Iraqi recce aircraft are turned back over Saudi airspace.

-Iraq orders all Embassy's in Kuwait City closed,

-Egyptian and Moroccan troops begin arriving. An advanced contingent of 500 Egyptian troops land in Saudi Arabia.

-The first UK Jaguar's land at Thumrait, Oman.

News footage for August 11th part 1

News footage part 2

12 Aug 90

-Saddam Hussein says he will resolve the Gulf crisis if Israel will pull out of the occupied territories.

-Baker says Navy will interdict Iraqi oil shipments.

-The US Press Pool departs for Saudi Arabia.

-24 x F-15E Strike Eagles deploy from Seymour Johnson AFB to Thumrait, Oman

-the US Army's11th Air Defence Artillery Brigade arrives in Saudi.

13 Aug 90

-American and Brits in Kuwait are rounded up into two hotels for shipment to Iraq.

-Ships sail from Savannah with 24th ID equipment.

-Jordan's King Hussein launches a verbal attack on the US.

-Wisconsin BG at Gibraltar.

-4th MEB embarks with 13 amphibious ships.

-USS Blue Ridge, command ship for the 7th Fleet, heads for the Gulf.

14 Aug 90

-Jordan's King Hussein flies to Washington.

-USAF KC-10, KC-135, RC-135, and E-3A aircraft arrive on Saudi soil.

-1st MEF deploys and the 4th MEB departs Norfolk with 13 amphibious ships.

-USN Military sea lift activates the Fleet Ready Reserve of 45 ships.

- French Def Min Chevenment speaks out against French involvement in the conflict.

-Advanced elements from the 1st MEF (1st MARDIV and 3rd MAW) and 7th MEB arrive in Saudi.

-Comfort sails for the Gulf.

-In a letter to Iranian President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Saddam offers to concede to Iranian terms for a peace treaty, including the withdrawal of Iraqi troops from the -Iranian border areas and accepting the 1975 Algiers accord provisions of territory borders.

15 Aug 90

-Army announces that the 1st Corps Support Command, 197th Inf Brigade (Mechanized), 229th Aviation Reg, and the 3rd Armoured Cavalry Regiment will deploy.

-The USAF deploys A-10's from the US and England.

-The Navy announces that it will start "intercepting" Iraqi bound shipping.

-First F-117's deploy to Saudi Arabia.

-Saratoga Group transit Gibraltar,

-USS John F. Kennedy departs East Coast.

-1st MEB departs Hawaii

-Diego Garcia prepositioned ships arrive to unload in Saudi,

-the Mercy sails.

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Week 3

16 Aug 90

-USAF F-15's get their first radar contacts on Iraqi fighters that quickly turn back from their border patrols.

-Saddam Hussein announced that he could not ensure the safety of downed US pilots.

-Iraq orders 4000 and 2500 UK citizens to report to approved hotels or face being rounded up by security units.

-Iraq has over 160,000 troops in Kuwait & building.

-Saddam says in a speech that thousands of American's will go home in coffins. The US military and political commands realize that US casualties are his measure of success and this starts the seeds of thought not to have that happen.

17 Aug 90

-Army announces that elements of the 2nd Armoured Division & 1st Cavalry Division will deploy.

-the US decides to consider call up reserve units.

-All Westerners in Iraq' are officially called hostages.

-Bush declares that he will call up reserves plus 38 x Civil Air Fleet (CRAF) aircraft. Overall these commercial aircraft will fly over 5300 sorties for STORM/SHIELD.

-First pre-positioned stores ships arrive in the Gulf.

-Wisconsin BG transits the Suez.

-24th Inf Div (Mech) departs Savannah with MSC Fast cargo Ships.

-Col Alton C. Whitley, Jr., assumed command of the 37th TFW from Col Anthony J. Tolin. At 1400, the Wing received its deployment orders to mount out to Saudi Arabia.

News footage for August 17th

News footage for August 17th part 2

News footage for August 17th part 3

18 Aug 90

-US Frigates Reid & Bradley fire across the bows of 2 separate Iraqi tankers.

-United Nations' Resolution 664 demands the released of all detained foreigners.

-Iraqi force estimates in Kuwait number 170,000 troops & 1000 tanks.

19 Aug 90

-Saddam Hussein offers to release all hostages if US forces pull out.

-Cheney announces that Vice Admiral Henry H. Mauz Jr (COM 7th FLT) will assume the command of all naval forces in the Gulf (COMUSNAVCENT).

-First elements of the 37th TFW (Stealth F-117's) starts deploying to Saudi Arabia. 21 x F-117's from the 415th TFS deploys to Langley AFB, Virginia

20 Aug 90

-Iraq announces that it is moving Western "hostages" to military installations.

-UAE allows US to use its bases

-Saudi's up oil production.

-1 x Army OH-58D (88-0302) damaged.

-1st C-5 lands at King Khalid Air Base (KKAB) with Col Whitley (37th TFW) and LtCol Ralph W. Getchell III, the CO of the 415th TFS and greeted by BGen Abdul Aziz Bin Khalid Al Sudairi, Base Commander and Col Faisal Eurwailli, OC Flying. King Khalid Air Base is also Khamis Mushait Air Base.

News footage for August 20th

21 Aug 90

-USAF says Desert Shield is largest airlift in history. 1 billion pounds of cargo already delivered.

-Egypt sends 1 x Mechanized Infantry Division

-Syria offers 1200 troops.

-4449th Mobility Support Squadron (Holloman AFB) deployed and built 50 hangers and over 200 support shelters. 4449th MOBSS then built up from bare-base the 4th TFW(Prov) at Al Kharg.

-18 x F-117's of the first 22 x deployed arrive at Khamis Mushait. These aircraft are from the 415th TFS commanded by Ralph Getchell.

News footage for August 21st

News footage for August 21st part 2

22 Aug 90

-Bush calls up 40,000 reserves for support role duties.

-Army announces that elements of the 3rd US Army HQ will join CENTCOM HQ.

-Saudi's agree to provide fuel for all US forces.

-Saratoga BG transits the Suez.

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Week 4

23 Aug 90

-7th Med Command (USAREUR) and III Corps Arty deploys.

-An estimated 6 x Iraqi Armoured Divisions (Rep Guard) begin to regroup in the area South of Basra as regular troops are moved into Kuwait.

-Saddam makes his now famous TV appearance with British hostages.

-3 x C-141B and 2 x C-5A Squadrons from the Reserve and ANG forces start the airlift call up posted by the Sec Def.

-The 415th TFS launches 8 orientation sorties for their F-117's. The hosting Saudi Wing used 4 x F-5, 3 x F15, and 1 x F3 to chase the Nighthawks.

News footage for August 23rd

24 Aug 90

-Iraq rings nine embassies with troops, includes US, UK, and Canadian, cut off of electricity & water.

-State Department accuses Soviets of having Advisors in Iraq.

-Cheney invokes Feed & Forage Act of 1861 allowing DoD to spend more budget then it has been allocated.

-Wisconsin BG transits Hormuz into the Persian Gulf.

-The 1st USMC F/A-18 fighter/attack Squadrons arrive in Bahrain at Sheikh Isa. Three "A" and three"C" Squadrons joined by one "D" unit will eventually form the core of MAG-11.

-As of 24Aug90, SAC KC-135's flew 250 AIREF sorties (550 wet plugs) and KC-10’s over 100 sorties (300+ wet plugs) along with 5000+ passengers

News footage for August 24th

25 Aug 90

-United Nations' Resolution 665 gives the US and other navies the right to enforce the economic embargo by halting shipping to Iraq and Kuwait (Cuba & Yemen abstain).

-Iraq says it will release US families of diplomats.

-The USAF announced it is deploying F-111's with Pavetack to the Persian Gulf.

26Aug 90

-Army announces elements of 13th Corps Sup Cmd and lists reserve units.

-The CENTCOM Headquarters is airlifted from Florida to Saudi Arabia. Commander in Chief of all US Forces in the Central Command, General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, establishes his command headquarters in Saudi Arabia.

-UN Security Council votes and agrees to allow force to upgrade embargo.

-F-117's at Khamis Mushait stand alert-pad duties for the first time.

News footage for August 26th

27 Aug 90

-UN Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar meets with Iraq FM Tariq Aziz in Amman.

-24th Inf Div equipment arrives in Saudi with 2 Fast Cargo Ships.

28 Aug 90

-Iraq announces that its 19th Province of Kuwait has been re-established.

-C-5A (68-0228 from the 60th MAW) crashes after takeoff from Ramstein AB, killing 13 of 17.

Pictures and personal account from an on scene firefighter.

-The US Navy had intercepted 170 ships and boarded 11.

-3 x USN Mine Sweepers and 1 x Mine CM ship depart Norfolk, Va.

-A Secret Israeli Intel briefing team arrives in Washington to explain their certainty that Saddam will attack Israel if a war breaks out.

30 Aug 90

-Bush asks others to help pay the burden.

-Army announces that elements of the 12th Combat Aviation Brigade USAREUR will deploy, and Public Affairs units will be sent.

-The Commander of the Iraqi Air Force said that if war came "his aircraft would simultaneously bomb Israel and Saudi Arabia".

-Iraq warned Thailand not to allow US aircraft to stage out of its bases.

-Jessie Jackson leaves Iraq with 20 hostages.

-The Kennedy Battle Group transits Gibraltar.

31 Aug 90

-Perez de Cuellar meets twice more with Aziz, no progress.

-Soviets announce that they agree with the US presence in the Gulf.

-172 Veterans Hospitals have gone on an "alert" status preparing for large numbers of wounded coming home.

News footage of late August 1990

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26/27 August 90

- Qatar permits US deployment to its base in Doha.

- 401st TFW ADVON team arrives from Torrejon, via Ramstein AB in Germany.

29 Aug 90

614th TFS "Lucky Devils" deploy from Torrejon AB, Spain to the Qatar Emiri Air Force Base at the Doha International Airport with 24 F-16C/D aircraft and additional pilots and support personnel aboard three KC-10's. The deployment becomes the 401st TFW (Provisional).

The unit is originally housed in the luxury of the Gulf Hotel in Doha. Swimming pools and steak and seafood buffets. Due to apparent security concerns - or the fact that the unit was being housed better than the Generals in Saudi Arabia - they move to a condemned Qatari barracks warehouse on base. MRE's for dinner and a definite lack of swimming pools. Later built a Tent City during the hours between flying and supporting flying missions...

Hopefully some of these will add a little more 'color' rather than the news headlines:

From then-Col. 'Orville' Wright, 614th TFS Commander (now Lt. Gen., Retired)

I remember:

- Calling action officer friends in the Pentagon about the 614th Fighter Squadron's ability to "flex" to anywhere in the AOR to be part of DESERT SHIELD, and getting a return phone call that the "401st" had been part of then-SECDEF Cheney's meetings about a unit to go to somewhere called Qatar.

- Switching to a spare F-16C on the morning of our deployment and then following our KC-10s out to the end of the runway and doing an "elephant walk" around a C-141 with a flat tire. All this without a single radio call as the great young captain in the lead KC10 helped make it all happen when he "captured and closed" the runway to ensure our 24 F-16Cs, plus spares, could all get armed, ready and airborne.

- Meeting Ambassador Hambley for the first time in 100 degree-plus heat, and he was wearing a wool blazer; first time I had met a US ambassador and all he could talk about was how glad he was to see us.

- Watching and helping our "world class" 401st team hop on and off the air conditioned KC-10s to get us "cocked" and ready to take our jets and AIM9s into the fight.

- Building our own "bomb dump" just far enough away from the flight line and tent city to be safe and close enough to ensure delivery of bombs to F-16s and to Iraq in a very timely fashion. (Our CE engineer says that if there had been "a problem" in the bomb dump, all of Tent City would have probably been in the crater. - MK)

- Staying in a nice hotel for a couple nights followed by staying in the worst conditions (most expeditionary we call it today) we had ever encountered. NCOs who led by example, killing rats with a baseball bat so their Airmen could get some sleep in a condemned Qatari barracks -- and we kept flying EVERY day.

- After weeks of eating MREs being very happy to see a "mobile kitchen" show up and getting actual hot food

- Flying with our Qatari counterparts in the best, most realistic and applicable training we could have hoped.

- Our French Air Force friends, deployed with us in Qatar, telling us more about Iraqi, French-made F1s and how they were employed than the US intelligence community could; and a sign over the door of French fighter squadron ops that said "English Only Spoken Here".

From Mike Hare, Crew Chief 87-0221:

I remember we were on the KC-10 bound for somewhere. They wouldn't tell us where. We had M-16's issued and the big rumor was that they had no firing pins.

- I remember stepping down to the ramp and walking toward the hanger. I think I made it about 10 - 15 feet and noticed that I was dripping. All I could think of was that everyone told me Korea, Florida and the Philippines were hot and humid. None of those have anything on Doha, Qatar.

From Rick Allen, Crew Chief

I can remember building tent city for 4 hours daily after 12 hours on the line...

- Stutler smuggled us a case of Detroit River water (some call it Strohs) and we drank it warm after the 16 hour day. (Yes and that was the best warm Strohs we ever drank. Who would have thought that it was the only beer we could get in short notice from the shoppette. - Scott Stutler)

From Rod Hunt, Deputy Base Commander.

- CENTCOM called me and told me to go to Doha to evaluate the runway and base for F-16's. That evening we left at about midnight and arrived at Doha at about 3am. It had cooled down to about 100 degrees and 90% humidity. We went to the Gulf Hotel and met with Col. Nelson the next morning. I told him I was there to assess the base and he said "Welcome Rod, you're my Base Civil Engineer. Let's build an air base." I was home.

From then Capt. Gary Lane (now Col, Retired) our Maintenance Officer:

I Remember maintainers stepping off the KC-10s and feeling the heat in our faces as we stepped through the door, then without a word, the guys setting out to turn the F-16s for potential sorties the next day -- the jets were ready well within 24 hours of our arrival.

- I remember having the jets armed for air-to-air, and the CENTAF planners calling right after we landed and asking how soon we could drop iron. We had no iron to drop as nothing was prepositioned for us, so we had to wait for ships to come in and download bombs.


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Week 5

01 Sep 90

-Bush announces a surprise one-day summit with Gorbachev on 9 Sept.

-UK Foreign Secretary Hurd calls for an Air Embargo of Iraq.

-USS Blue Ridge arrives off Bahrain with COMSEVENTHFLT.

03 Sep 90

-Eisenhower Battle Group with Ticonderoga transit Gibraltar.

04 Sep 90

-US Sec. of State James Baker announces the US is planning to maintain a long term presence in the Gulf. The Kuwaiti "Prime Minister", installed by Iraq, is executed in Kuwait City.

-Iraqi troops in/around Kuwait are estimated at 265,000 troops and 2200 tanks.

-US troop levels reach 100,000.

-Thousands of fleeing Pakistani workers are robbed by Iraqi troops as they leave.

-4th MEB amphib ships transit Suez,

-more of the US Army's 24th Infantry Division arrive.

-F-16C Blk 25B, 83-1151, 33rd TFS, 363rd TFW crashes on training sortie, Pilot: Capt Richard Setzer was rescued. Wingman observed fire coming out of engine during a training sortie. The pilot, Capt. Richard Setzer, was forced to eject. The pilot safely ejected over the Saudi Arabian Peninsula (Abu Dhabi). It was a pre-war loss and wreckage was recovered in attempt to find spare parts, but "none" were usable.

05 Sep 90

-Britain and France suspend arms shipments to Jordan.

-The Turkish Parliament gave its Armed Forces permission to use Turkish Armed Forces in the Gulf Crisis.

-Japan loads 800 four-wheeled trucks for Gulf Forces.

-The Iraqi Army Team withdrew from the World Military Basketball Championship in France rather than play the US Army Team scheduled.

-160,000 Kuwaiti's & 60,000 refugees have fled to Saudi.

-Saddam calls for Islamic Holy War.

-USS Acadia (AD-42) departs San Diego with mixed crew of men and women (360w out of 1260 total).

06 Sep 90

-Iraqi troops shot and wound an American in Kuwait evading capture.

-US Troops now exceed 100,000 in theatre.

-The total number of foreigners in Iraq being held against their will is estimated to be 11,000.

-Iraqi forces impose "life" penalty for people fleeing and "death" for those helping any Westerners.

-4th MEB amphibious ships transit Suez.

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Week 6

07 Sep 90

-Japan and South Korea promise funding.

-The Dutch seize two Bulgarian trucks with industrial equipment for Iraq and charge Eurometaal with illegal exports to Iraq.

-13th MEU amphibious ships arrive in the Gulf of Oman with Comfort.

-Marine AH-1W Cobra crashes and is damaged (HMLA-269).

08 Sep 90

-4th MEB ships transit Suez Canal.

09 Sep 90

-Bush-Gorbachev Summit brings agreement to act individually and together against Iraq to free Kuwait. Bush did not get Gorbachev's agreement to pull out his advisers, although some would be. Soviets got US food and supplies for approval on a military campaign against Saddam.

-Saddam executed five officers from Elite Units, indicating that some of the Coup Attempt rumours might have had substance.

-Jordan continues to receive Iraqi Oil.

10 Sep 90

-Saddam Hussein offers free oil to any nation that will bypass the UN embargo and support his cause which is increasingly beginning to reference Israel and the main objective of Iraqi actions.

-Iran & Iraq renew full diplomatic relations.

-Iraq offers any country free oil if it beaks with the coalition's blockade.

11 Sep 90

-The US says that Cuba and Romania have made "oil deals" with Iraq and that some East European countries are trying to sell weapons.

-France rents the US four ships to carry troops and cargo to the Gulf.

-Bush tapes 11 minute TV message to the Iraqi people.

12 Sep 90

-Iran announced a Holy War against US Troops in the Gulf and said that it would accept Iraqi Oil for food. Gulf analysts are stunned over this. Muslim clergy deny Saddam's ability to declare a "Jihad", but the Ayatollah Ali Khomeini declares one against the "non-believing Devils in the West" and the Iraqi government cuts food rations of Western Hostages.

-Gen Mike Dugan, USAF Chief of Staff, visits the 37th Wing at Khamis Mushait.

-BBC News for September 12th.

13 Sep 90

-Iranian political elite members disavow yesterday's statements. UN Resolution allows humanitarian food aid into Iraq or Kuwait only to relieve human suffering, under conditions decided upon the Council.

-The UN passes Resolution 666 permitting humanitarian food shipments.

-Japan increases its pledge to $4 billion

-Syria sends 10,000 troops.

-1 x Army OH-58D crashes injuring one.

-Marine CH-53E crashes with 3 injured (BuNo 161390/YJ-22 from HMH-465)

Edited by Pete
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Week 7

14 Sep 90

-Iraqi troops storm French and Belgian diplomatic residences in Kuwait and detain some people briefly.

-The UK says it will send an armored unit to the Gulf with 6,000 men.

-Kennedy BG transits the Suez.

-Mercy arrives off Oman with 4th MEB ships.

-Under Operation Locusta, the Italian Government announces that it will send a composite Tornado IDS Squadron to Abu Dhabi.

-Baker meets with Hafez al-Assad, President of Syria, who assures him of their common purposes.

15 Sep 90

-Flight with 285 US and Canadian citizens arrive in US.

-Germany pledges $2 billion

-US forces reach 150,000.

-The French announce that they will send a force of 4,000 troops to Saudi Arabia, and under Operation "Daguet", they agree to send tactical aircraft which will come under the command of General de Brigade Adrienne Gellibert.

16 Sep 90

-UN Resolution 667 condemns Iraq's aggressive acts against diplomatic missions in Kuwait and the abduction of people in them.

-Bush's tape is aired on Iraqi TV.

-Egypt starts sending one Mech Inf Division.

-USS O'Brien (DD-975) makes the 1000th ship intercept, averaging 40 per day with 4 boardings).

-The USS Midway and Battle Group depart Yokosuka, Japan.

17 Sep 90

-USAF Chief of Staff Mike Dugan fired by Cheney for making "unauthorized" statements and basically thinking his mind. Beyond all precedent, he was relieved of duty. The Tactical Air Command forces were left in shock. Merrill McPeak was named as successor.

-Saudi Arabia and the Soviet Union re-establish full diplomatic ties.

18 Sep 90

-Schwarzkopf asks Army planners to begin work on a Ground Offensive

19 Sep 90

-Baghdad begins to confiscate all assets owned by countries doing in the embargo.

20 Sep 90

-New York Times quotes the French Magazine L'Express saying that Saudi sources said that their Thomson CSF Crotale Acquisition Radar for the "Shahine (Crotale) SHORAD" System could track the F-117A at 16.8 km (10.5 mi/9.2 NM). USAF responded it was not employing them in the "full stealth" mode with antennas out.

-Saudi's cut oil to Jordan.

-Imminent Danger Pay (IDP) approved for Gulf personnel.

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17 Sep 90

-USAF Chief of Staff Mike Dugan fired by Cheney for making "unauthorized" statements and basically thinking his mind. Beyond all precedent, he was relieved of duty. The Tactical Air Command forces were left in shock.

General Dugan was so respected that a group of us at Torrejon AB in Spain, knowing that the then-ex Chief of Staff would be passing through (we worked in Transit Alert, so we had some advance notice) met his aircraft as it taxied in, just to salute him as he deplaned.

Merrill McPeak was named as successor.

...and the Air Force hasn't been the same since. Forty-eight hours later I'd find myself in the Persian Gulf region myself...


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General Dugan was so respected that a group of us at Torrejon AB in Spain, knowing that the then-ex Chief of Staff would be passing through (we worked in Transit Alert, so we had some advance notice) met his aircraft as it taxied in, just to salute him as he deplaned.

...and the Air Force hasn't been the same since. Forty-eight hours later I'd find myself in the Persian Gulf region myself...


If Dugan was so respected, why was he really replaced? I'm sure the official statement doesn't quite tell the complete story?

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If Dugan was so respected, why was he really replaced? I'm sure the official statement doesn't quite tell the complete story?

Dugan was the Air Force Chief of Staff, and NOT in the command loop of CENTCOM. He really had no reason to be in Saudi Arabia. When he went to Saudi Arabia, he brought a long a press entourage to show off the Air Force. Compared to Colin Powell, when he went, he only brought his aide.

Lt. Gen Horner asked Schwarzkopf if he could brief Dugan on the air campaign. Schwarzkopf first said "no" but relented as Horner argued his point of the Air Force playing such an important role. After the briefing, Dugan spoke to the press and told them basically how any airman would conduct an air campaign, but they were still secrets and his comments were insensitive to the Navy, Army, and Israel. When Colin Powell got news of what Dugan did, he called Cheney and Schwarzkopf. Schwarzkopf in turned called Horner. Needless to say, all parties were ****** off Dugan violated their trust. The next day, Cheney fired Dugan for revelation of secrets.

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General Dugan basically went out and said that the Air Force could, and should, crush the Iraqis right into the sand, with, or without the Army, Navy & Marine Corps assistance. He said that we would target Baghdad, and the Iraqi leadership in particular - to "to ''decapitate'' the senior Iraqi leadership, making President Saddam Hussein of Iraq, his family and senior commanders primary targets". Not exactly the accepted political line in a crisis that Washington still hoped could be resolved diplomatically, and also stepped on the toes of a great many high ranking leaders in our other services - who were together planning the most successful international & joint campaign our military has ever undertaken. He was fired for his, "poor judgment at a sensitive time".

''Statements in the article to the effect that the Army and the Marines would provide for diversionary activities while basically the Air Force carried the ball were inappropriate,'' said Cheney, ''What I expect out of our military commanders is they are all part of the team.'' Could the allied air forces have forced the Iraqis to withdraw from Kuwait on their own without a ground war? People can argue all day (they have for twenty years now) but no one can say for sure, although I've got my opinion.

Why was Mike Dugan so highly respected? Well, let me say, I was a Buck Sergeant in the Air Force based at Torrejon AB, just a little base in Spain, so it was way above my pay grade - and thousands of miles away - to say how the political and Pentagon leadership felt about him, but prior to his short stint as the Chief of Staff - only 79 days - he was our leader, the Commander of USAFE, the United States Air Forces in Europe. He had a reputation of not only being a leader of the troops, but as being a leader for his troops. Most everyone had met him and I knew few that had anything but praise for him (and that's rare to hear from all the enlisted about a General). He knew us, he knew our bases and missions, he knew our strengths and our weaknesses and we were proud to have "one of our own" in Washington.

On top of that, quite frankly, as a bunch of 20-something airmen who had spent the past number of years practicing to repel a Soviet attack across the Fulda Gap, we'd also been sitting around for six weeks listening to diplomats talking about sanctions taking time, diplomacy, negotiations and new UN resolutions, all while the Iraqis were building their defenses and committing atrocities against the people of Kuwait. Then suddenly, we had a General, our General, stand up and say that what we need is to crush Saddam's army, eliminate him, and throw all of their asses all out of Kuwait. That's pretty much what we wanted to hear, I know it's what we all felt long before he came out and said it.

Were his comments in 'poor judgment'? Epically so. Did he have to go after making them, undoubtedly. Did he say the one thing that would have put every one of his airmen behind him and ready to follow him anywhere? Yes, he did. Generals are political creatures, they have to be to get by - as General Dugan learned. Sergeants though are nearly the opposite, brutal honesty works.

I'd salute him today, just as I did then.

The guy who replaced him on the other hand...


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Week 8

21 Sep 90

- Saddam makes his "Mother of all Battles" speech.

-Iraq expels Western Military attaché’s from Embassy's in Bagdad, US sends 3 Iraqi's home.

-News Footage for 21st September

22 Sep 90

-The 2000th American evacuated from Kuwait & Iraq arrives in London.

23 Sep 90

-The French Foreign Legion's 1st Parachute Regiment with 2600 men of the 6th Light Armored Division arrive in Saudi Arabia.

-Mercy & Comfort together in the Gulf making Navy Medical History.

-Col Whitley, CO 37th TFW (the F-117 wing, based at Tonopah Range at the time), issues Special Order #1 assigning all attached personnel to his wing for the War.

-Saddam threatens to attack Saudi Oil Fields, other Arab nations, and Israel if the sanctions and embargo on Iraq hurts too much.

-News Footage for 23rd September Part 1 Part2

24 Sep 90

-UN Resolution 669 stresses that only the Sanction's Committee has the power to permit food, medicine, and other things into Iraq.

-World Oil prices rise to $38.25 a barrel.

-The Pentagon accuses the Russians of having 500 to 1000 military personnel still in Iraq.

-Bush creates the Gulf Crisis Financial Coordination Group, headed by Secretary of the Treasury Nicholas Brady, to coordinate multilateral aid to nations hurt by the embargo on Iraq.

-News Footage for 24th September

-More News Footage for 24th September

25 Sep 90

-UN Resolution 670 expands its economic embargo to include air traffic in or out of Iraq and Kuwait, except those flights authorized. Also calls on UN members to detail any Iraqi ships that break the embargo. 13 of 15 members in Security Council OK.

-Iraqi troops at 430,000, with 3500 tanks, 2500 APC's and 1700 artillery pieces.

-Gen Schwarzkopf visits the 37th TFW.

26 Sep 90

-The Egyptian 3rd Mechanized Division arrives in Saudi Arabia.

-A Navy SH-3H (BuNo 151525/AC-610) crashes off of the USS John F. Kennedy from HS-7.

27 Sep 90

-The UK and Iran renew diplomatic relations.

-NSA Brent Scowcroft warns that the systematic destruction of Kuwait reduces the time frame by which the US must act.

Edited by Pete
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Week 9

29 Sep 90

-Pentagon quietly announces its timetable for military action has shortened.

-3 x UH-60 Blackhawks from the 101st Airborne are damaged in an accident that injures five.

30 Sep 90

-4000 men from the French FAR (Rapid Intervention Force) arrive.

-F-15E Serial No. 87-0203, 336th TFS, 4th TFS Strike Eagle crashes on a training mission.

-Pilot: Maj Peter S. Hook (Killed)

-WSO: Capt James P. Poulet, (Killed)

-Aircrew was flying a single-ship training mission at maximum gross weight. Prior to deployment, the pilot had an exchange tour with an RAF unit in Scotland. Co-incidentally, the two units were now based together, which allowed the pilot to conduct an intercept with an RAF friend who was also flying on a training mission in the local area. The F-15E pilot had decided to “play†air-to-air against the RAF Jaguar, despite strict orders against making air intercepts. The Jaguar was flying at 100 feet above the ground and the F-15E at 10,000 to 15,000. The pilot attempted to perform a stern conversion with the Jaguar. The tail of the aircraft scrapped the ground three hundred feet before the final impact destroyed the aircraft and killed the aircrew.

01 Oct 90

-USMC Amphibious Training Exercise on the Arabian Peninsula starts.

-Congress passes a joint resolution supporting Bush's plan.

-Independence BG enters into the Gulf through the Street of Hormuz as minesweepers arrive in Bahrain.

-The 1880th Comm Sqdn joins the 37th TFW, becoming the 37th Comm Sqdn. and

sets up the world wide command links to the unit.

02 Oct 90

-throughout all the major capitals in Europe there are anti war protests.

-Voice of America directs programming at trapped citizens.

-Soviet emissary Primakov visits Bagdad, Amman, and PLO HQ.

-Midway BG deploys from Yokuska, Japan.

03 Oct 90

-37th TFW undertakes a limited Ops Readiness Exercise "Sneaky Sultan I" as HRH Prince Sultan Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud, Saudi Defense Minister, visits the Wing.

04 Oct 90

-Independence BG exits Gulf proving that big decks can operate there.

Edited by Benner
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05 Oct 90

-PLO and others promise terror if Iraq is attacked.

07 Oct 90

-230,000 American Troops in place. Multinational force numbers over 300,000 men from 25 countries.

-Under Operation Scimitar, the Canadian Air Force deploys 12 x CF-18's of No. 409 Squadron from Germany to Qatar. Like the British Tornado fleet sent over the SHIELD, the Canadian F-18's will be shuffled back and forth. The Canadian forces in NATO were not prepared logistically for any emergency and arrived in the Gulf short of weapons, software, and ECM/DECM equipment.

08 Oct 90

-RF-4C 64-1044, 106th TRS, Alabama ANG crashes near Abu Dhabi during training; both crew are killed.

Pilot: Major Barry K. Henderson

Nav: Major Stephen G. Schramm

Aircraft was practicing low level jinks when it flew into the ground.

-The Marines also loose 2 x UH-1N (160178 / 160622) Huey helicopters with eight men onboard off of Oman. All eight from HMLA-267 opcon to HMM-164 / USS Okinawa (160178 / 160622) were killed.

-Israeli military begins distributing gas masks to the Jewish population.

News footage for October 8th

09 Oct 90

-Saddam Hussein again emphasizes that he has missiles that can reach the US.

-Mass executions are starting in Kuwait by occupying Iraqi Troops.

10 Oct 90

-F-111F 74-0183 from the 495th TFS, 48th TFW(P) crashes during a night training exercise; both crew are killed.

Pilot: Capt Thomas R. Caldwell

WSO: Capt Frederick Art Reid

Aircraft was flying a low-level night training mission over a gunnery range when it crashed into the ground during a loft-bombing maneuver. CENTAF reacted with a full safety stand-down

(excluding essential flight ops). This incident brought the total US accidental deaths to 31. Gen Horner has a a meeting with all Wing Commanders for a safety review.

-American women who escaped from Kuwait testify on atrocities committed.

-Baghdad radio announced that Iraq had now the "Al Hijara" ("stone") that has several hundred miles range. It appears to be the improved SCUD with a new name to impress the PLO.

-CENTCOM's "One Corps" Plan is presented to the White House.

-JCS Chairman Powell is doubtful of Tomahawk capabilities.

11 Oct 90

-USAF completes a 24 hour safety stand-down after three crashes and six deaths.

-Tanks from the US Army's 1st Calvary Division, Tiger Brigade of the 2nd Armored Division, and the 3rd Armored Calvary Regiment are unloading in Saudi Arabia.

-Iraq transfers the control of the Rumeila Oil Field and the Islands of Bubiyan & Warba to Basra Province.

Edited by Pete
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12 Oct 90

-An Iraqi cargo vessel was boarded by UK Royal Marines in the Gulf.

-Iraq threatened to keep 500 Soviets in Iraq if the Soviets shared Iraqi secrets with the US.

-Oil at $36.69

13 Oct 90

-USMC conducts amphibious landing exercise on Oman's coastline, called "Camel Sand". 15,000 troops took part with 18 x amphibious vessels of Task Force 2 in conjunction with 90 aircraft and helicopters. Elements of the 4th MEB, 2nd MARDIV, 2nd MAW, and 2nd FSS also joined.

-King Hassan II of Morocco asserts that there is a "moral linkage" between the Gulf crisis and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and that the two should be linked.

15 Oct 90

-Iraq has begun to move around various air defense resources and turn off radar’s to avoid intelligence collection efforts.

-Iraq and Iran restore diplomatic relations,

-1500th ship intercepted.

16 Oct 90

-Iraqi Airways re-starts flights between Baghdad and Kuwait City

17 Oct 90

- Baker tells Senate that Whitehouse will consult Congress but not seek its prior approval before military action is taken.

18 Oct 90

-Col Whitley returns to Tonopah Range to re-qualify in the F-117. Deputy Commander for Ops, Col Klaus J. Klause, assumes command at Khamis Mushait.

-US troops at 209,000.

-Tornado GR-1 receives Cat-4 damage during a landing accident at Tabuk. The aircraft is dismantled and returned to the UK.

-RAF Tornado GR1 ZA466 "FH" receives Cat04 damage during a landing accident at Tabuk.

Pilot: Sqd Ldr Ivor Walker, ejected with minor injuries

WSO: Sqd Ldr Bobby Anderson, ejected with minor injuries

Arrest barrier was incorrectly raised at the approach end and caught the main landing gear of the aircraft forcing a hard landing. Aircraft was shipped back to the UK as parts for spares. Aircraft was replaced by ZA460 "FD".


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19 Oct 90

-All foreigners in Kuwait are ordered to register with Iraqi authorities.

-Iraq starts gas rationing. Oil at $33.79

20 Oct 90

-US Destroyer O'Brien fired 40 rounds in front of the Iraqi Freighter "Al Bahar Al Arabi", it was searched and found to be carrying contraband. But did not turn away after warnings.

-7th Armored Brigade arrives.

21 Oct 90

-Gen Colin Powell flies to Riyadh to discuss Offensive Game Plan with CENTCOM and the Saudi's.

23 Oct 90

-7 x UK Jaguars leave Coltishall, followed by 5 x more on 2 Nov, to replace the original detachment of aircraft at Muharraq, Bahrain.

Edited by Pete
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28 Oct 90

-Saddam reverses an earlier decision to ration fuel, stating that his oil minister, since sacked, has miscalculated the supplies.

-Mitterrand & Gorbachov meet in Paris to discuss the Gulf crisis.

29 Oct 90

-UN passes Resolution 674 calling for the release of Hostages

30 Oct 90

-10 US sailors killed during steam line rupture on USS Iwo Jima.

-Saddam puts his armed forces on "maximum extreme alert

-News footage of October 30th

01 Nov 90

-President Bush & Secretary of Defense Cheney announce the plan to deploy another 100,000 troops to the Gulf in order that force ratios will be more compatible for offensive operations. This would double forces. Decision is kept secret until 4Nov90.

-3 x Puma HC1's leave Brize Norton via C-5 Galaxy, followed by 8 more on the 2nd and 3rd to create No 230 (Composite) Squadron at Ras Al Ghar RAF Base in Saudi Arabia. The Base Commander is GrpCapt Sam Hunt. These Puma's are fitted with IR jammers, chaff/flare dispensers, and enhanced navigation equipment.

-SecState Baker starts information tour of the Middle East.

-Midway Battle Group relieves the Independence Battle Group in the Gulf.

-Schwarzkopf cautions that the total destruction of Iraq's military may not be in the long term interests of the US and that a regional power balance must be maintained after the crisis is resolved.

Edited by Pete
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02 Nov 90

-The Iraqi installed governor of occupied Kuwait, Ali Hassan Al-Majeed, has been replaced by President Saddam Hussein's half brother, Barzan Al-Tikriti.

-Saudi Arabia and Iran hold high level meetings and resume diplomatic relations severed during the 1st Gulf War.

-Kuwait's Prime Minister says that sanctions are not working and the coalition needs to attack or all Kuwaiti's will die. Kuwait's ambassador to the UK requests immediate military action.

03 Nov 90

-Baker puts the skids on the "military immediate action" momentum growing within the coalition. Many say he is jealous of the "visibility" that Cheney has. But he starts an eight-day trip to the Middle East, Soviet Union, and Europe for one last check on support.

-Coalition is actually not as prepared as Cheney would let the American public think.

-The Iraqi's respond with an offer to free hostages.

-Latvia demands that the Soviets expel all Iraqi's under military training in their territories.

04 Nov 90

-Lead elements of Syria's 9th Armored Division start arriving in Saudi.

05 Nov 90

-Baker and King Fahd agree on Command and Control for the Joint Military Command with CENTCOM, the Saudi Armed Forces, coalition members, and other Arab Forces. It formally sets up the "Joint Command". US troops under US officers in all circumstances. US and Saudi's must agree on War, but the US is free to conduct its own operations outside Saudi territory.

-Ozal of Turkey rules out a "Second Front" for now.

– Former German chancellor Willie Brandt meets with Saddam privately to seek hostage releases.

06 Nov 90

-Now China agrees not to block a UN resolution on the use of force.

-News footage of November 6th

-News footage of November 6th Part2

07 Nov 90

-Margaret Thatcher says to Saddam, "Move it or we will remove you"

Edited by Pete
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08 Nov 90

-President Bush orders the US VII Corps HQ from Stuttgart, West Germany, to Saudi Arabia along with 3 x Armored Divisions Based in Germany: the 1st Armored Division (Ansbach), 2nd Armored Division Forward (Garlstedt), 3rd Armored Division (Frankfurt). Also the 1st Infantry Division (Mechanized) from Ft Riley, Kansas, the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment at Nuremberg (FRG), and the 2nd Corps Support Command (Stuttgart). Three Army Reserve Mechanized-Infantry Brigades are also called up. This brings an additional 150,000 troops to augment the 230,000 there.

-Saddam Hussein relieves Gen Nazir Khazaraji as Army CofS and installs LtGen Hussein Rashid.

-During the past few days F-14, F-15, F/A-18, and Tornado F3 Air Defense Aircraft executed numerous high speed probes into the Iraqi Air Defense system with AWACS and Rivet Joint aircraft watching for the reaction and results. After a while, however, the Iraqi's just ignored the provocation’s and kept their systems turned off and a/c on the deck.

News footage of November 8th[/color]

10 Nov 90

-Baker back from the Middle East. Europeans want more time for sanctions.

11 Nov 90

-RAF GR1A Jaguar XX754 crashes

Pilot: Flt Lt. Keith Colister, killed

Pilot was training at low level when the aircraft crashed into a sand dune. The accident report stated that the terrain was very uneven and difficult to judge.


12 Nov 90

-Word has leaked out of Iraq from a defector that Saddam Hussein has sacked his Army Chief of Staff. In fact several generals and over one hundred officers have been "purged" since the start of the Kuwaiti Campaign. Saddam favors his family over those most qualified.

-Col Klause, acting CO 37th TFW, initiates "Sneaky Sultan II", a limited Ops ReadinessExercise testing short-notice D-Day build-up.

13 Nov 90

-Yevgeny Primakov, Gorbachev's special envoy to Iraq confirmed that the Soviets would support a UN resolution on "use of military force".

-A National Guard soldier files a suit challenging Bush's right to send troops to the Gulf.

-Congress wants a debate over the war issues.

-USS Missouri BG deploys to the Gulf from Long Beach.

14 Nov 90

-The US is preparing to send another 100,000 troops to the Gulf. The "rotation" program is virtually stopped. Army and Marines are straining for combat ready units and equipment. Authorization is made to extend reserves from 90 to 180 day call up.

-A Saudian Arabian F-15 pilot defects to Sudan with his aircraft. The aircraft is returned.

Edited by Pete
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15 Nov 90

-Marine and Saudi Troops make aa amphibious assault on beaches 40 miles south of the Kuwaiti border. Operation "Imminent Thunder". 1000 Marines and 1100 aircraft were reported to be involved. The third "landing" since 2 Aug.

-Iraqi News announced that President Bush will go "on trial", in Algeria, for "inhumane planning and policies against the people of Iraq".

-Regional forces now number: US Army 120,000

USMC 45,000 (57% of total)

Saudi 38,000

Egypt 30,000

Syria 15,000,

Kuwait 7,000

GCC 10,000

Morocco 1700 (Islamic has 34%)

British 9,000 with 14,000 coming

France 5,000

Pakistan 5,000

Bangladesh 6,000Senegal 500

-Iran announced that it would hold a 50 ship naval exercise in the Gulf during December, the largest since the Iran-Iraq War.

16 Nov 90

-President Bush starts his European trip that will end up in Saudi Arabia over Thanksgiving (Paris, Prague, Berlin, Riyadh).

-Congressional critics are calling for a "debate" on the War Option.

-Mrs. Thatcher is facing off with Hazeltine for the leadership of the Conservative Party and the PM post.

-a 21,000 pound secret satellite was launched from the Shuttle Atlantis to spy on Iraq.

-PLO Chief Arafat is quoted by the Tunisian newspaper "Al Sabah", that the first blows in any Gulf conflict will be made by Iraq on Israel using missiles to deliver binary chemical weapons and anthrax biological weapons.

-Former president Jimmy Carter criticizes deployment of more troops.

-Oil price easing downward to $29.78, DOW at 2550

17 Nov 90

-UK Air Power in the Gulf Command shifted to Air Vice Marshall William Wratten who succeeded AVM R.A.F. "Sandy" Wilson. AVM Wratten's title is Air Commander British Forces Middle East and is a deputy to Lt Gen Sir Peter de la Billiere who is the Commander British Forces Middle East.

18 Nov 90

-The Military Sealift Command announced that it has 40 ships ready to transport the second wave of 150,000 reinforcements to Desert Shield. Most of the men and material will be coming from Europe.

-Since the 15th, the 37th TFW flew 32 sorties in support of Imminent Thunder as the HQ CENTCOM tasked coalition air to attack "mirror image" targets in Kuwait & SE Iraq.

19 Nov 90

-Saddam Hussein announced that he was also sending more troops into the region. 250,000 would be moved to the Southern Theater Command. No data on where they would be put was given.

-In Europe, NATO and the Warsaw Pact signed a non-aggression agreement ending the period of tension between them.

-75 x American Hostages arrive in the US.

20 Nov 90

-American troop strengths by 01 Jan 91 are expected to be 392,000 troops, 1300 tanks, 80 warships, and 1000 aircraft.

-Following Willie Brandt's visit, Saddam agrees to release German hostages.

-45 Members of the House of Representatives file suit to force Bush to seek Congressional approval to attack.

21 Nov 90

-Imminent Thunder ends.

22 Nov 90

-President Bush and half of the Washington Press Corps are in Saudi Arabia for Thanksgiving with the troops.

-UK is sending 14,000 more troops bringing the total to over 30,000. Mrs. Thatcher resigns as PM

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23 Nov 90

-Cheney announces a world wide extension of foreign service tours, extends training over the Holidays for military schools, and stops retirements.

24 Nov 90

-President Bush returns from the Gulf and talks with Arab leaders more confident that the US has the latitude it needs for military action and that the UN will be forthcoming with a War Resolution.

-Marine Corps announces that it had lost a CH-53E to unknown causes: USMC CH-53E, 161393, HMH-465

-Multi-national naval forces have intercepted 3592 ships since the beginning of the blockade in August. There have been 412 boardings and 16 ships diverted.

25 Nov 90

-The US announces that it was considering a 01 Jan 91 deadline for Saddam Hussein to clear out of Kuwait. This "ultimatum" will basically pull the region into war. The US still has great confidence that Saddam Hussein is not willing to lose it all for an issue that does not have him holding the "honor" card within Islam.

26 Nov 90

-Cheney in Moscow: "I have been persuaded...the Soviets are no longer a threat". But he also predicted that Gorbachev would not survive as the leader of the Soviet Union. Meanwhile,Gorbachev warns Saddam of the consequences of his course of action and that the Soviets would not pull out of the coalition.

27 Nov 90

-UN Resolution is applied to a 15 January deadline for Iraq to unconditionally pull out of Kuwait. 4162 ships under surveillance in the region from the naval blockade, 500 investigated and 19 turned back.

-John Major becomes British PM.

28 Nov 90

-The UN Resolutions 677 passed, giving Iraq until 15Jan to comply.

29 Nov 90

-UN Resolution 678, allowing the use of "all means necessary", officially makes 15 January 1991, the deadline for Iraq.

30 Nov 90

-Bush offers to send Baker anywhere between 13Dec & 15Jan to talk with Saddam or his representative. SHARP EDGE ends off of Liberia.

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  • 2 weeks later...

December 1st, 1990

-Cheney authorizes the call up of 63,000 more (total to 188,000).

-VAdm Stanley R. Arthur relieves Henry H. Mauz. as COMUSNAVCENTCOM

December 2nd 1990

-Iraq test fired two SCUD variants assumed to be "Al Hussain" missile that both launched and landed inside Iraqi territory. The last time such firings occurred was in April 1990.

- Baker says sanctions may never work.

December 3rd, 1990

-At 1903, the 416th CC, LtCol Gregory T. Gonyea, departs Langley AFB with 6 x F-117's enroute to Khamis Mushait. The second six leave in 30 min, followed by two successive cells of four (20 total). The third group was led by Col Whitney returning to assume command. All arrive on the 4th.

December 4th 1990

-CJCS Gen Colin Powell meets with British Chief of the Defense Staff, Marshal of the RAF Sir Peter Craig in London.

-First US troops depart from European Commands to the Gulf.

-Iraq will let Soviets leave if they agree to reimburse money for all uncompleted contracts.

December 5th

-Central Command Air Forces undergoes internal restructure with the creation of the 14th and 15th Air Divisions. The 37th TFW comes under the 14th AD.

December 6th, 1990

-The US and Iraq agree to have Baker visit.

-MAWTS-1 prepares (40) Instructors for a deployment to the "Sand Box".

-British start to arrive in Saudi Arabia with 4th Brigade, and form their 1st Armoured Division (Heavy) with around 25,000 men. British units are attached to I MEF.

-Marine 2nd MAW will be moving its Headquarters more "forward".

-IRS extends military personnel's filing dates.

-US proposes a Middle East Peace Conference

-Saddam Hussein has announced that all hostages will be allowed to leave.

-The first ship carrying VII Corps equipment arrives in Saudi Arabia from Germany.

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