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Been stuck in a modeling rut for the last few months. I seem to be starting a healthy number of projects but failing to finish any of them. So I decided to pick a fairly easy build and with some inspiration from Pete Fleishmann's Scale Viper book get back to basics. The kit I decided to build is Hasegawa's T-4. The kit represents the latest Japanese advanced trainer and what a kit it is. Seems like Hasegawa goes the extra mile with their native country's aircraft like their super F-2 kits. The kit has all the great things you come to expect from Hasegawa plus an amazing OOB cockpit with some of the nicest seats I have seen mass produced in plastic. So that is where we begin. I am incorporating Eduards pe set. It is a earlier non-color set which replaces the kit rudder pedals, throttle quadrants and some seat details. I replaced the etched throttle handles with plastic rod. Colors are by Gunze and Vallejo







The seats in this kit are just amazing. The Eduard set supplied the ejection pull rings/handle, seat tops as well as the belts. I scratched the canopy breaker above the pilots seat from fine wire. The black placards on top are from one of Mike Grant's sets and the red ones are simply red decal cut to shape with some "writing" added with a fine brush. The cockpits of these jets (from the few pictures I have) look brand new so weathering was kept to a minimum. Sorry for the poor pics...

Pilots seat



Back seat



The finished tub waiting on the seats


The intakes are finished. I cleaned the seams up and used the home latex paint method on them. I have to say I am really happy with the results especially after a dip in Future. One thing I did differently was to wrap a couple layers of masking tape around the ends so the paint running out would corregate on the end of the tape instead of the intake...this kept me from having to clean the accumulated paint from the end of the intake when attaching the compressor face. Once the intakes were filled I simply cut the end of the tape off and used a toothpick to pry the tape apart so the paint could flow freely.



Im working on the exhaust so hopefully will have another update before too long. Thanks for looking.


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