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Got a late start.....but, here are a couple entries.

Started work on the ESCI FJ-3M yesterday....cockpit is a joke. It uses decals for the consoles, and the decals were thrashed. I painted the consoles black and used some GW "Skull White" on a tooth pick and added a couple "buttons" and stuff...then threw in a pilot from Academy's F-86F-30




I'm pretty proud of the pilot figure...definitely the best one I have ever painted. My time painting Battletech miniatures is starting to pay off!

And here is the FJ-4B....just finished sealing up the main fuselage, hope to get the wings attached tonight.


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Started work on the ESCI FJ-3M yesterday....cockpit is a joke.

And not a very funny joke at that! Look at the size of the grip on the control column. That thing is enormous. Oh well. It appears that you're polishing a turd. Good luck with the builds. With a little TLC and elbow grease, I'm sure they'll turn out well. Looking forward to your progress.


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I have the kits both all built up....trouble is my LHS is out of Tamiya Surface Primer in white so I am waiting on that to get my base coat down. They should have it in by the middle of the month....it will be close but I should time to get them done right on time

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