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I believe they folded. One chain of shops here in the UK was selling their kits at £1.99 (about NZ$ 4.40) each last year [stuka, 109G-14, Macchi 205 & Zero - no 109F, Macchi 202 or Corsair though].

They do appear in the ARC Buy & sell forum occasionally, though not as cheap as that, though they still represent good value.


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Does anyone know what happened to this company?

Im just scratch buildin my way through thier Stuka and thought I would add a Corsair to the stash, but can't seem to find them online.

they went under !!

thier stock was selling in the uk in £1.00 shops as a result lots were bulk baught and sold on ebay

you may find them on ebay

a local museum near me baught a few and have them on sale ( at a vast mark up around the £20.00 mark ) however proceeds go to help the hero's as it is the local army museum

if you cannot find more convenient sources p.m. me and i can sort out telling you what they have and getting one for you

im pretty sure they have the corsair and the zero sen !!

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I seem to have found the Corsair on Ebay, but would cost around $37 US to ship it to me.

Its probably not that bad really

go for it !! it's probably about the going rate now with shipment !! i can only see them going up as they get rarer

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