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Felixstowe F.2A 1/72 diorama. Finished on 25.09.2010

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Thank you Holmes and Gregg :)

Here we are: after 2 years and 4 days the Felixstowe and its diorama is finished. I stick neatly to my usual production pace :P

Felixstowe, UK. Spring 1918

The tide is out at the Royal Navy Air Station. A salty, rotten and muddy smell is lingering in the air.

Debris float around, men run and shout. Finally the large seaplane is pulled out from the maintenance hangar onto the jetty.


The Royal Navy urgently need new recruits.

The officer, the panel, the plane and the camera are ready to shoot the ultimate propaganda picture.



... today the seagulls are playing the goofs!

The sailor does his best to curse the impertinent squawking beast away from the wing.


Officers usually have no time to play around and this one is no different. He is well beyond annoyance: actually quite grumpy.

The sailor tries to cool him down, by pointing at the funny events unfolding at the top of the ladder.

"Sir, I beg your pardon but today we have a slight delay indeed!"


Apparently the annoyance draws to a happy end. The gull considers a quieter place and flies away.

But the day is not yet over...


... and the next goofy bird already soars in over the scene, looking for the most appropriate place to land...

"How about the spot my buddy's just leaving? But I'll wait until the ladder's pulled down..." B)


Thank you all for your patience. The road was long and far from being straight... See'ya for the next build here on ARC :)

Best regards,


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Now that is truly AWESOME .

The diorama is just SO EXQUISITE and the work is


The fine detailed work is EXTRAORDINAIRE....

I have thoroughly enjoyed following your thread and build.

KUDOS to you Pierre..

HOLMES :) :rofl::rofl:

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