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1:72 Taiidan Interceptor Scratchbuild

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This has been a long term project, but finally I think it might be worth some pics.

Like many gamers, I love Homeworld when it first came out. With designs clearly inspired by two of my favourite SF Illustrators - Peter Elson and Chris Foss, there were clearly a lot of ships which looked cool. I always knew I wanted to scratchbuild one, the problem was which one?

I settled on the Taiidan Interceptor. I like the idea that the ship was designed like an medieval night, lopsided with a big whopping weapon on one side, like a lance. The crazy colour scheme would really stick out nicely too from the drab greys that so many other unimaginative SF subjects seem to stick to.

What I really liked about the Homeworld designs was they had a certain heft and weight to them - they really looked like they could be spaceships, with plenty of room for thrusters, fuel etc. Unlike the dinky little things in, say, Battlestar Galactica, which are designed tiny so the props fit on a shooting sound stage. In a computer game, there's no such restriction.

Anyway, here's the Taiidan Interceptor 'Triikor'. Basically they were the grunts you sent into battle to get massacred.

A big shout out to Jon Aaron Kambeitz who designed this. This is my favourite design from the Homeworld Series. I had hoped to work on Homeworld 2... sadly it all happened a bit too quickly before I could get organised. However I can still get some consolation from building some of the ships to hold in my hands!



So here's my interpretation in styrene, epoxy and polyester putty, with a few bits and pieces from old kits.





Next up, the canopy and cockpit and hopefully some better pics...

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Had some time for some more work over the weekend.

I finished the fuselage, which included top bulkheads and the bottom intake. Big relief to finalise that, as I'm keen to start detailing and scribing:


Next up, I started work on the cockpit area. I built the shape out of sheet styrene. But once I did I realised it would be way too flimsy without filling it somehow. Here the styrene mold being peeled off the 'bondo' (car filler) I put in it.


Then, after some drilling and hollowing:


And finally, after a bit of milling, and knifework, it was ready for fitting:


In the last picture you can see the first big mistake I made, in not securing the fuselage properly, the mill skipped its track and went over, damaging the area just outside and under the canopy. Not a huge fix, or fatal, but still annoying. That'll take around half an hour to fix, I'm thinking. It could have been a lot worse!

I'm pleased with the weekends progress. Next weekend will be the detailing which should be a lot of fun. Thanks for looking!

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With designs clearly inspired by two of my favourite SF Illustrators - Peter Elson and Chris Foss, there were clearly a lot of ships which looked cool.

Very cool scratchbuilding, I love the colored space ship design of Foss and Elson and the video game.

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That looks great... what sort of bondo are you using? Is that the two part stuff or the stuff that comes out of the one tub?

How difficult is it to shape and work with.. it looks like you had to use a dremel to dig it out..



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Started detailing. But a coat of primer revealed a lot of extra putty between seams that I will have to take care of as well. Not a huge amount of progress over the weekend, but I'm getting there..





Matters were not helped by one of my children stepping on this while it dried outside. Don't ask how that could have happened!

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Its going to be the same crazy red and yellow as per the original.

Here's the weekend's update.

Updates this weekend include detailing around the canopy, intake scoop underneath the fuselage, general detailing and paneling all over, and finally the connection points for the little winglets. I had hoped to get them on this weekend, but didn't quite get there...






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It´s looking fantastic! :thumbsup:

I always favoured a black and yellow scheme when I played Homeworld....loked wonderfully "waspy", that orginal scheme in red and yellow is awesome too!

Can´t wait for you to get paint on it! :banana:


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I thought you'd like it, Taiidan Tomcat! How could you not be interested - at least - with a handle like that!

Anyway, time for the next update.

I missed last weekend. I had hoped to have more done in terms of painting but... I forgot what a pain yellow is in terms of coverage. It just doesn't seem to go over any sort of undercoat well, regardless of the type of paint. I've experimented on the wings, which you can see on the final pics.

The the very last pic is the engines which I've found from Adler's Nest, they are awesome pieces of turned aluminium. I actually had a turn at putting them in, but I wont post pics yet... it was embarrassing! I hope to have them in next update.

This is the last we will see the interior of the cockpit for some time - in the final pics you can see it sealed up - it will be sealed until the piece it finished, it will be the last thing to be uncovered due to the paint routine.

The first pic shows some homebrew photo-etch.

Thanks for looking.










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It just looks spectacular! The more I see the more I drool over it. I think you struck a great balance with the details too, Some recessed panels and a few, but not too many greeblies. Trying to replicate Taiidan stuff myself I was stumped at exactly what detail I should include, since all detail is "painted on" in the game. and the scout concept art didn't give me enough to go on.

I really hope you post pics of the scheme as you go through the painting steps because it is complex and I could use some pics to see how its done exactly.

Great job!

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Some recessed panels and a few, but not too many greeblies.

Yes, the detail was an issue to consider. I'm not really a fan of greeblies for greeblie's sake. I hate all the extra doo-dads that look like exposed innards all over the ship... it just looks like it's begging for a well aimed (or even poorly aimed) shot to take out important systems! This is my main issue with Star Wars designs.

I understand why its done, from a production perspective - the detail adds 'believability' when shooting miniatures. But for pure design, less is more from my perspective.

Anyway, thanks to all for the kind words.

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And suddenly - colour everywhere!

No seriously, nothing could be further from the truth. All the different coats of paint, protectant, masking etc, is driving me nuts. I still have two more paint and masking sessions to do (with 2 days drying time between each), but I look forwards to the decalling. There was a couple of accidents with overspray you can see, however, some judicious use of decals should cover them quite nicely!

Matters were NOT helped by the masking tape being the same colour as the first colour paint layer!






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