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All you Kiwis OK down there in South Island??

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Aftershocks still keeping everyone on edge. They appear to be settling down a bit but there are still a few big ones rolling through.

Recent activity.

Wow....look at the frequesncy of those aftershocks......they are sometimes minutes apart and they are all of a size that would be easier felt by the people in the area. That has got to be un-nerving to put up with 24 hours a day.

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4.0 and 3.8 quake in wellington today 20mins apart, diddnt feel either :cheers:

mordors bubbling away...

I didn't feel them either Ray....

Another huge after shock just hit Christchurch...

"The magnitude 5.1 aftershock - initially believed to be as powerful as 6.1 - hit Canterbury at 7.49am at a depth of 6km in the Lyttelton area. It was preceded by a 4.1 magnitude shock and followed by a 3.8." - from http://www.stuff.co.nz

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I live in Rangiora, a few kms North of Christchurch, where the ground is a bit more solid, so there is not too much damage here, but Christchurch itself has been hit hard, buildings have collapsed, water and power is out in many places.

I myself am OK, just an RC plane off the shelf and a few skewed pictures on the wall, not sure about others closer to the source of the earthquake, I hope everybody is alright. :)

By the way, magnitude was 7.1, initally thought to be 7.4

Thanks you for the post. :coolio:


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