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Aged concrete

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You can use Sky grey (Tamiya XF-19). Then add black, tan and white to your base color and spray randomly with different paint/thinner proportions. That works quite well

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When i've painted concrete i'll just do a layer of concrete colour paint then before its dry

scrape grey/light brown and cream dry pastels all over it, then rub in the pastels with a

sponge this effect makes it look as if its been very well used, after all the concrete was

never one shade of colour.


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it isn't realy a one size fits all answer realy as there are many variables

the location being a biggy in marine or even wet conditions it can take green hues

locations under trees can take black hues from rotting debris

there can be orange hues if there is iron content to the mix or if the internals have iron supports inside

the best bet if possible is to get colour photo's of the modeled area as refrence

or if not possible colour photo's of a simmilar area for refrence and work as an artist would

using blending , scumbling and dry brushing techniques

there will be many colours ( some you don't think of ) keen colour observation and good painting techniques are the key

there is no single colour for aged surfaces !!

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