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F-18F Hasegawa 1:48

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Gorgeous build. The Atflir pod has a roll drive painted in the wrong color. I suppose you did it that way to represent an old dirty RDU going on a relatively new ATFLIR.

ATFLIR was my project for 7 years. ;)

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This is more of a question than a criticism. On a SuperHornet, when the flaps and horizontal stabilizes drop (I'm assuming because the plane's shut down, and the hydraulics bleed) don't the ailerons and outboard LE slats drop too? And how often does the GiB sit in the aircraft alone, with no pilot, just kinda chilling with his O2 mask on?

I think this is a great-looking model though. Love the paint job. The level of filth looks just about right

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Thank you Kevin, yes, I am just realizing that the flaps/ailerons/slats need to be all dropped for a more realistic stance (I am yet to see a picture depicting the way I did it). For the GIB, I somehow want to have one crewman on board for two seater aircrafts, and I like it when he is in the back seat. I really don't know why... I have been going with what I think looks interesting but I would prefer to add more realism in the future.

Since my last posts, I have also come to the conclusion that the canopy is too wide open. I have detached it and I will glue it back again a little narrower.

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Thank you guys. For weathering, I used postshading. Salt weathering I think won't get you the same effect (salt is better for a different kind of effect). After the base colors, I added a little but of white to the base color and thinned it a lot. I carefully airbrushed this in a closeup but an even fashion. This takes time. Next, same thing with a little bit of black instead of white. If you have good a/b control, it is difficult to go wrong as you can alway fix things along the way. Search for Honza's topics, he has some very interesting topics on it.

I thought the canopy was sitting too high. I broke it off and shortened the strut. I think it looks slightly better now:


With that, I am wrapping this model up. Thanks for all you comments and suggestions!

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Have enjoyed following your build of the Diamondbacks Superhornet. You have really captured the mottled appearance of these birds well. I had the pleasure of going aboard the Kitty Hawk in 2008 and took a couple of pics of this bird and have attached them to this post so you can compare them with your efforts. Again, a nice job!


Rodger Kelly





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The 'E' on the vertical stabiliser celebrates the fact that the Diamonbacks were named the Pacific Fleet Battle "E" award winner for the calendar year of 2007. This award recognizes the Diamondback supremacy in battle efficiency amongst all F/A-18E/F squadrons in the Pacific Fleet.



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