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IRIAF F-4E Phantom II

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Magnificent work Janne!!!

Thank you, Mario!

Stunning build Janne!

Your paint and weathering work is exceptional...



Thanx Mark, I went for a heavily weathered look...and it´s brutal!

Great build from a great builder!!!!

What's next ?

Thanx Icarus :worship:

Well I´ll continue with my F-105 I started before the Phantom build.

Great looking IRIAF Phantom. The camo came out great. Love the loadout.

Thanx Twong!

Yup that´s a wicked load out :wub:

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Hello dude!

Your model turned out marvelous!

I'm a great fan of middle east camouflages, specialy the IRIAF and IAF desert ones.

I'm about to start a very similar work in a 32nd scale Revell AG F-4E, but depicting the model back to 1977, when the force was called IIAF instead of actual IRIAF. If I achieve at least 30% of your wonderful results i'll be satisfied.




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Oh my, you found this old build :D

Thanx José Maria, Holmes and Marcin :D

And JM, Diego from High-decal is your man for the hard facts about IRIAF and IIAF birds, he was really helpful with my build and I owe him for it.

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Where have I been not to see this great Phantom? Excellent job!

Thanx phantom :D It´s been hidden for a while :P

DANG!! You did some serious work on that bird. I wish I had your skill and patience. Outstanding!

Thanx Plano guy, well I´d say it´s patience over skill :D

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Hi there.

Your Phantom looks great! I'm just about 1/2 way thought a similar build in 1:32 and was wondering if you could tell me what colours (paints) you used.



[edit - wrong your]

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Thanx David and EagleAviation :D

Oh my,think I have to dig up my old build thread to see what I used..... I followed the Hi-Decal paint mixes tho.

Oki... for the mustard color, HUmbrol 63 + 10% flat white, The brown: 3/4 Humbrol 186 + 1/4 HUmbrol 119 and the green was HUmbrol 116

Looking forward to see how it turned out :D


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