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A link for the NASCAR fans in the audience

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Hello again folks,

After quite a bit of time away from all things good and plastic, I've finally managed to get back in to putting a few kits together, and posting here again. Much to my surprise, last month I was invited by the good people at Exide Battery to fly from Minnesota (home sweet home right now) down to Bristol Motor Speedway for the NASCAR Nationwide & Sprint Cup Series races...It's a nice gesture on their part, I donated my lumbar vertebrae to the Air Force, they donated a trip, hotel, and race tickets to me :jaw-dropping:

Anyhow, I went a little trigger happy with the camera, and because of the amazing people & access to the track, got to meet several drivers and get some once in a lifetime pictures from practice, qualifying, and the race.

Bristol 2010 Album

So, all you race fans out there, PM me if you want a high res copy of anything I took, or about racing, kits, the BUFF or whatnot.


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Nice photo's! Looks like you had a good time.

I've been a huge NASCAR fan since the late 70's, cheering mainly for Dale Earnhardt Sr and Mark Martin back in the 80's through to Dale Sr's death at the Daytona 500 in 2001. Now I pull for Dale Junior (although he hasn't run well at all since moving over to Hendrick...but that Nationwide race in Daytona back in July when he won in the retro Wrangler Jeans #3 was freakin' fantastic!!), Jeff Gordon and the RCR boys. Attending a race is an awesome experience!

The Chase begins this Sunday and my family will be watching as we do each race. Anyone but Kyle Busch...PLEASE :jaw-dropping: ! We'd NEVER hear the end of it...LOL!

Thanks for sharing.



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Holy Cow, you did take a lot of photos ... :jaw-dropping:

Some of my Sister's coworkers went to Bristol too, I think they are in some of those shots ! :rofl:

Thanks for sharing your album, looks like you had a load of fun ...


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