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Boneyard Shots

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That's not a Sea King (Sikorsky S-61) but a HH-52 Sea Guard (Sikorsky S-62). Very similar design, but the S-62 is smaller and had only one engine.

Wikipedia page here

Still cool that some of it is left.

Yeah, I had just seen several minutes video of one on the repeats of "Emergency One" t.v. show. They had to go to the old LA airport and board it for a call. They showed takeoff, flying along the coast and rescue of a guy. Was great to see.
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IINM, that looks an awful lot like the Phantom that was painted up to look like Steve Ritchie's (spelling?) jet from his Vietnam days, hence the kill markings. It may even be the actual one. I dunno. The last time I saw it clean with no spraylat was around 1998 or so at the D-M Aviation Days airshow.

Your comment on this id true in part. There were three F-4's painted to resemble Steve's tail number "463" colors. Two of those three were painted for the 50th anniversary of the Air Force

show at Nellis AFB in 1997. Both of those planes were prepared at Holloman AFB. Steve actually flew one as part of the Air Show that day. The other was static and used for recruitment photo opts etc. The third likeness of 463 was done by the Collings Foundation several years ago after Steve was instrumental in acquiring that particular F-4. Steve was the pilot for that plane at several airshows with Collings but has not been a part of that operation for some time. The original 463 is proudly displayed on the parade grounds of the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

Its been a few years since your original posting...I doubt the plane in the photo still exists.However, Steve does and most recently is flying F-104 Starfighters out of Florida.Not bad at 70 :)

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As I have been enjoying these boneyard shots, I thought I would add a few of my own. These photos were taken in the back lot of the Naval Air Museum in September, 2010. Enjoy!



Does anybody have anymore pics of thus skyhawk? :cheers:

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