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Misc Kits to Trade

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Well, after some mixed results last time around, I've put together a new list of kits to trade with anyone that's willing (US & Canada Only, Sorry). I don't have anything specific that I'm after, but I do enjoy B-52 stuff, trying to complete my collection of US Jet Bombers (Still need a B-57, 58, and B-2). All I ask is that if you're gonna offer a trade, make sure it makes sense...I have a pretty good idea of what things cost, and I know everybody's looking for a deal, but let's try to be realistic, ok? Ok. Here we go!

Ah, yeah...I can be reached more easily at B52HVet(AT)Gmaildotcom (replace "at" with @ and "dot" with . )

All kits are new, complete, and un-started, except where noted & many boxes still sealed.

Aircraft - 1/48

Revell A-10 Thunderbolt

" " F/A-18E

" " F-106 Delta Dart

Academy F-16A/C

" " Mirage IIIC


Aircraft - 1/72

Hobbycraft CF/F-18 (US & Canadian Markings)

Hasegawa Sea Harrier FRS Mk.1

Airfix 72 "Boston" (Old Airfix72 Boxing, still in great shape)

Frog B-25 (Old Frog/AirLines Boxing, Great Condition)

Armor - 1/35

Tamiya Sturmgeschutz III Ausf. B (With P.E. Fret & Steel Barrel)

HobbyBoss Land-Wasser Schlepper (Medium Production)

" " USMC "AAVP-7A1" (Extremely detailed kit, MUCH better than the Tamiya version)

" " Spanish Army "Leopard 2E"

Naval, Helos, and Misc. Scale

Aurora "Space Shuttle Orion" (1/144 Scale 1975 Edition, Complete, Good Box & Decals, Nice kit)

Minicraft "Santa Maria" (Museum Quality Series, Excellent condition, OLD Kit, Complete)

Monogram "Blue Thunder" (1/32 Scale, Original Release Helo Kit, Still sealed in bag, Box is still covered in plastic, like new)

Trumpeter "U.S.S. Lexington" (1/350 Scale CV-2, 1942 Edition, AMAZING Kit, includes F4F, TBD-1, and SBD Aircraft)

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