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Last C-130 E model flight for the Arkansas Air Guard

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Had the honor today of flying on the last E model C-130 mission for the 189th AW of the Arkansas Air Guard. We delivered 63-7811 to the boneyard for her final resting place. This aircraft was one of two of our planes with nose art. You can see some of my earlier post showing info on this nose art. You can find decals of this aircraft and of some of our other aircraft including our other nose art aircraft thanks to Greg at Draw Decals. He has the decals in all three sizes. Here are the photos of our last E model flight. Rest in Peace 811.











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how many years did the old girl have on her? still looked good.

Why did they remove the wires quickly like that, are they in short supply?

Thanks for posting up.


That's a 1963 model Herk. C-130's are "aged" by how many hours she had in the air. I would bet good money that this aircraft has been in nearly every major conflict sense Vietnam.

The Long wires are not in short supply and are made for each aircraft. At least in my experience, the wires are cut from a long spool and fitted to the plane. They might have removed them because birds love to sit on them and leave corrosive "deposits" all along the fuselage.

These are just my opinions, and observations, I am not involved with this particular plane. Hope that answerer some questions.


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Our old slick C-130E at Kadena was 63-7842...she's been gone a few years now too. Four Combat Talon 1's recently made the trip to DM as well. 785, 555, 572 went to DM and -64-0567 will go to the Air Commando Park at Hurlburt. It's the T-1 that brought Manual Noriega back to the U.S. from Panama. :( Farewell Hercules...you have served your country well.

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