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Also: Is this the cart that would have been hooked up to these jets on alert? If not this one, would a Dash-60 do, instead?

I don't know that power/air carts were used for alert B-52s...the point of modifying the engines to accept pneumatic starter cartridges was to allow simultaneous start of all eight engines off battery power without having to rely on external equipment...this would be timeframe-dependent though, as the starter cartridges weren't added until the 1970s, I believe.

But, if power carts were used for alert aircraft, I'm sure it would be like what was pictured.


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Lots of very useful information - just one thing, it there any chance of getting a few major dimensions please. You can do a lot using proportions, but you do need a few datum dimensions to produce an accurate model.


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More traditional...

Light cart at Pittsburgh IAP:


Lav service cart and KC-135 or C-130 work stands at Niagara Falls, NY:



The stand is named "Louie." Is there a "Huey" or Dewie?" Also, note the message in the 2nd pic - "Caution do not disturb working elves." Are they taking in maintenance for a sleigh?

Boarding stairs used on an F-16, also at Niagara Falls.


Does anyone know where I can get some boarding steps like those by the F-16 there in 1:72 scale?

I posted photos of my trip to NAS Miramar in the Research forum and would like to do a dio of that scene of the two tomcats sitting on the appron. Any searches made so far have only given reference to specific ladders for specific aircraft. So if someone knows where I could get one of those generic steps in 1:72 scale, it would be a great help.


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Don't know as I have seen these adjustable stairs kitted in any scale. Might be a business opportunity for one of the new stereolithography-based accessory/conversion businesses (hint hint, guys!). You may need to take a trip to scratchbuild city. Good luck.

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A humble light cart. If you know the designation please let us know, as I forgot to take a close-up of the data plate.





Taken at Wings over Pittsburgh (as if you couldn't tell by the radio station balloons) 2011, along with the extinguisher photos in the previous post. Hosted by the USAF AFRC's 911th Airlift Wing.

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OK, one last set for tonight.

Tow vehicle. Dodge Ram 2500. [EDIT: Found out later this is the Entwhistle Model 9320 Flight Line Tow Tractor (FLTT). Over 1,000 produced. 4,500 lbf drawbar pull (20 000 N).]


Tow bar, almost certainly for a C-130.


Many more to come. Knowing about this thread, I think I took more photos of AGE than planes at this year's airshow.

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Post for today: The Entwhistle Model 9330 MB-4 Tow Tractor. The manufacturer claims to have made over 300. Over 14,000 lbf of drawbar pull (that's 62 000 N for you SI types)!


Looks like a unit badge was removed from the door.


The green they chose for ground equipment weathers to the most sickly grayish color, IMO. I've seen some equipment is going to gray now, which may look better, and save on paint stock costs.


There should be a C-130 on the end of this tow bar. I'll have photos of the other units in this picture over the coming days.


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Two for today. The PCI Self-Generating Nitrogen Servicing Cart (SGNSC). Thanks to previous posts from C-130 Crew Chief and jinxx1 for helping me understand what this was.





The name is right on the instructions. I'm not sure if the AF has an exact designation for this thing.


The top appears to be one piece molded plastic and is very faded compared to the rest. Also, the previous designation labels are still very visible under the more recent codes.

Manufacturer's web page should you care to learn more.

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