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F-4 Phantom "Jolly Rogers" 1/72 Hasegawa

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Hello friends:

To recreate the landing moment, the flaps and slats were cut off to put them in landing position, the air brakes and arresting hook was extended and I also had to enlarge the front landing gear to the completely extended position.

The painting has nothing especial except the fluid leaks of the underside. The large amount of lettering is what adds interest to the final look.

A few more pics here: Scaleworks







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Great! Actually more than great, it's magnificent! The finish is outstanding and so is the weathering.

What Jan said !

Just a Fantastic Build and Display, Diego ... :huh:

Plus, it's nice to see a Jolly Rogers Phantom for a change too ...


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Hi Diego, I just checked your site at http://dqscaleworks.blogspot.com/, hey c'mon, your spooky is just a appetizer compared to your "spanish adversary" hornet! I have to close my jar manually now haha! You are the man!! I think I have to move to tenerife and look for a smooth job, otherwise there s no chance for me to become such a good modeller like you are! :wub: :salute::salute:

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Hi Rob,

Unfortunately I dont have wip pictures of this model so I´ll try to explain the weathering:

I think the best way of doing that kind of effect is with oil paint diluted wiyh whie spirit or other enamel solvent (Humbrol, Mig, etc), avoid the turpentine.

You paint the leak with a fine brush and when the solvent has just dried you can rub with a clean and dry brush to blur the borders. It is a bit tricky at the begining until you get the right density of oil paint, but it is not difficult. Is always adviseble to try the technic before apply it to the model.



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