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Tamiya A6M5 Zero

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Been getting ready to build this kit and doing some research looking at on-line builds. My question is regarding IJN Dark Green. Tamiya makes XF-11 IJN Green but they also make XF-70 Dark Green 2 which is indicated in their 1/48 Zero kit. Anyone know the difference between these 2 shades?

Also, best way to paint exhaust?..looks like red/brown in the instructions, should exhaust not be more a burnt iron/metal color?

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i would use any of those. The reason being that war going Zeros were so badly faded (most of them) that you will inevitably paint different shades of green to get that effect. So the real color, which ever you use, will be obscured. I will still go with what is recommended by Tamiya and use this color as a base to create different shades of green.

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I mostly do a lot WWII Japanese planes and the "true" color is an issue that is really debated.

Personally, I am not going to beat myself up over it and I generally just go with the XF-11. However, you might want to lighten it a little because the lacquer finish will make it darker then when you painted it.

I would also recommend the IJN gray that they have as well.

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