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Hello folks,

I am proud to announce the birth of my watchmaking blog. No better place to know all about the watches I manufacture and articles pertaining to watchmaking as a SOHO business.

You are invited to drop by for a visit. The address is here: exwatch.wordpress.com

I added the link to my signature below so you know how to get back there anytime. Best is to save the link in your favorites :thumbsup:

Hereafter a photo of my latest watch that will be readily available for Christmas for your beloved partners.


Best regards,

Your Scalephantomphixer - Madman

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WOW !!


{ did I not say that you would be snapped up by the ROLEX watch makers after I had seen your detailing on your modeling work !

MY thoughts came to fruition !!! :thumbsup: ;) }

Edit : I had a look at your site that you posted the link for and WHOA!!! IMPRESSIVE.

I have always loved intricate watches and own a ROLEX...!

Had another look and wish you all the best...you never know I might get one ,one of these days !

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Thank you guys ;)

Today I am wearing a GENEVA, yesterday I opened my CERVINO to fix a hand that was somewhat misaligned.

My partner's favorite is the LEUKERBAD and my daughter received a LUGANO for her 18th anniversary.

The new MONTANA is still waiting for a lucky wrist!

My watches seem to keep many people happy :pray:

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The winter watch for Ladies : the St.Moritz features a silver dial, rhodiated hands, a Swarovski jewels bezel and a pure snow white wristlet.

A true gem that will shine under the lights of the Christmas tree.




I really would love to own a watch that shows the mechanism thru the face and you can see it's little cogs and wheels

and movement ...If ONLY ....

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Beautiful watches sir, a good bit out my price range though unfortunately.I really like the geneva, which would look awesome in an all black fashion, black bezel, black face, white numerals, man that would be hot!

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A very interesting blog Pierre.......I'm fascinated by the level of detail you're working with. :)

same here ;)

i stayed a while... nearly hypnotized... by such a journey in the really small and precise world...

..that makes me think... is there any good online ressource where i could find tools and bits???(like screws,hinges...) for watch repair... (but for a modelling purpose)

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Thanks Scalephantomphixer for thoses links!

(and again, the least i can say on your work is "very impressive")

i'd already seen the "small parts inc" website, a while ago... very interresting... and huge!

the other one, octan, is quite smaller site, but still very very interresting... (the fact that this site is in French helps me a lot)

i'd put them in my favorites... till my next "bits n things purchase" round...

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Hi guys,

A quick note to tell you that I changed the website name and address. eX watch has become Precision Watches Switzerland and the address is now www.precisionwatches.ch

On my private glog at greutert.wordpress.com wou'll find my current build: a Gates Learjet, scale 1/72 by RVHP

See'y over there :D


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