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200mm German Fallschirmjager Crete 1941

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Hi Guys, I was registered here before but have misplaced my passwords Doh!! This is my 200MM Resin figure that I am doing, need to sort out his ciggy that I forgot, so put in a bit of plastic rod in for the piccies. The kit ammo belt I had disintegrated, so I will leave as is for the time being, even though part is hanging through the other side of the gun..... will probably scratch build it. Kit as per box, had to make up the sling for the gun, used speedtape :thumbsup: also drilled out the business end...... TOP TIP I was given and it works, use a drop of gloss varnish in his eyes to make em sparkle, also used it for watch glass. :woot.gif:

Coming next Modern Gimpy armed Afghanistan Para figure same scale that I will evilbay for Help for Heroes when finished :worship:







You can probably gather I am rather chuffed with it :explode: I just feel my skill set is getting better with each one, from the scuffed toecaps to the distressed leather that has dried out, sort of found my ideal models. Need to sort some bases out for them all too.. that is next :blink:

Bigger view if you wish to view it.


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Lo mate, nice to see you over here.

As ever your painting skills are a proper bit of alright ;) .

You should post up some of your Sci-Fi work mate the Falcon is unbelievably good :D .

All the best Jamie

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