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Fonts for commercial plane registrations?

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How many fonts do you want? There are gobs of different ones out there. I'd say probably at least 50% of them use Helvetica Bold.

For many of the others there are no fonts. The style used from the factory by Airbus is unique, and is not available as a font. I've created my own letter & number sets in Illustrator that I've been using for nearly 20 years now.


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I'm building an Airbus A320 of the Australian JetStar Airline so I guess its the Airbus factory font then?


I designed a series of new 1/144 decals for Jetstar A320s for Hawkeye Models Australia last year (with all the correct fonts, etc). There are two versions.

1. The initial smaller titles with optional asian version for 2004.

2. The billboard titles introduced in 2008.

Have a peek at them and an all-grey test fit on my pages here: http://members.dodo.com.au/~asgarard/A320Jetstar.htm

The hold-up has been with getting them silk-printed due to the bright orange used. You can email Clayton for availability here: clayton@hawkeyemodels.com.au



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