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Upgraded - the Revell Venator

Republic or Emperial  

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  1. 1. Which in your opinion is the better scheme?

    • Republician Red Stripe
    • Emperial Grey

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Hi everyone

This may have been discussed somewhere else on the forum, so apologies for any possible frustrations, however,

I am building the Revell Venator and am having trouble deciding on what scheme is the better one ( The Red Strip or the plain Grey) with the added block

of also being unsure of which exact Gray is the right one to use and which product has the closest match.

The Revell instructions really only tell you the basic color of "Gray" and Dark Gray" - not exactly much help to some one who doesn't generally

model Sci-Fi.

Any and all opinions welcome


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I've always preferred the Republic colors on the Republic era ships as they just look too plain to me in monotone Imperial shades. Of course, that could also explain why I like doing Rebel fighters more then Imperial ones (same reasoning).

As for the gray shades, if you go Imperial, go with cool gray tones (cool grays are slightly bluish in tone). Examples would be Light Gray, Light Ghost Gray and Dark Ghost Gray. The Republic ships seem to have slightly warmer gray tones (warm grays are slightly brownish in tint). Camouflage gray and the gull grays are prime examples of those tints. The model makers at ILM (back when ILM did models) seemed to follow the color theory of warm and cool shades a bit back during the heady days of the original trilogy as most of the rebellion stuff was warm shades and imperial was cool. Republic ships have elements of both and so do Seperatist stuff as things are jumbled up.

Light gray or light gray mixed with camo gray results in a pretty nice looking base shade for big ships. The red stripes will help warm up the tones somewhat. I wouldn't go too dark on the main colorings though as a wash to pop out the details will darken the tones as well.

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I voted for Emperial Grey maybe becasue I am boring but I thought that would look good.

anyhoo, the work that you have done on your Venator is really super..

Keep up the good work


p.s nice to see other things here from time to time.

edit:sorry where are MY manners..

WELCOME to ARC and hello..

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hello everyone

Just another couple of progress pics

32 LED's in the engines alone so far. Have fiber optics to install yet and so much more :salute:

The macro isn't to kind looking at the messy surface but at naked eye level, it looks OK. This is my first real attempt at super detailing - I think it shows :)

It's a bit hard to define the different colors on the engines

Might also need to get a better camera and learn how to take better pics with it :taunt:







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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...

Hi everyone,

Well, things are coming along slowly but steadily. I had almost drilled out all of the holes when I broke the drill bit and I have no spare :whistle:

oh well - still got heaps to do in the mean time

The only thing that I'm finding to be a source of irritation are the glue marks. Has anyone got a good technique for applying a very small amount of glue to a tiny square of plastic and place it on the surface without smearing it? I have tried using the point of my knife, self closing tweezers and slightly dipping the raw edge into Tamiya's Thin Cement.

Once I've tidied it up a bit and put a coat of primer on there, hopefully they won't be too visible.









thanks for looking :doh:

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Awesome superdetailing!! :whistle:

About glue...well you could use aceton, nail paint remover or ethyl acetate. Pin the part down and use a natural hair brush to apply the glue by just letting it touch, any glue that comes out on the surface just vaporise and leaves behind a slightly glossier surface that won´t show after painting.

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thanks guys -and thank you Aigore for the great tip about the acetone - didn't think about using that for glue marks - it seems to have worked quite well so far, although seems to be better used on fresh glue marks :) Have yet to start the bottom hull section yet. Too many things on the go at once and not all model related unfortunately. I reckon I'll have it finished by mid next year...... if I'm lucky.... :)

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hi everyone

Another few progress pics for you

There a fair few fiber strands in the top hull so far. I just have to wire up some LED's for the front half and then I'll make a start on the bottom section of the hull

after that, it's on to the side walls, the conning towers/ main bulkhead and so on.

:cheers: Still after a custom photo etch maker if you know of anyone who makes good quality PE parts, so please, don't be shy - recommend someone. I'm not being lazy, but I would like to support the custom guy for this project










Ok - I had just finished putting on the primer and thought it has started to take shape and flow on a bit more than just a lot of stuck on white bits of plastic

Even though its only at primer level and needs buffing back I'm still really happy with how its starting to look now.


Alright, now it's all for now for a while I think. Don't want to bombard you with to many pics :) But thank you for looking! :D

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