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Hellenic F-16 2 seater Load outs

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Is it the Block 52+ with the conformal fuel tanks?

If so it would depend on what Squadron you are planning to finish it as.

340Mira "Aleppou"(Fox) is an Lantrin equipped unit and therefore normally carries GBU's/ AGM 65 Mavericks

343Mira "Asteri" (Star) specialises in the SEAD role and normally carries AGM88 Harm's

Both Units can carry AIM120C's, AIM9 and IRIS-T AAM's for self defence.

In theory both Squadrons could carry all the weapons mentioned above as they have secondary roles as well as their primary one.

All the weapons mentioned above are shown in this photo


Heres a link to my Blk 52+ build earlier this year


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