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SAAB J-29F Tunnan

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OK, I'd like to start a new thread for the Tunnan I started building a week or so ago.

Nice kit that passed test fitting with flying colors. A bit rough, but with very fine and accurate surface details.

The only drawback is the absence of drop tanks that Neomega did not provide. Since I'm building the Austrian Tunnan I couldn't care less about air-to-air rockets, but drop tanks and pilons would be nice. The plan is to modify drop tanks from the MiG-23.

Another thing that Neomega kit lacks is the landing light cluster; I scratch built it using Elf lights and plasticard.

The cockpit will be closed; and I wanted to avoid scratch building the reco cameras installation pack in the fuselage therefore my model will represent the Jagdbomberschtaffel 1 plane. JaBo 1 Tunnans were from the first batch delivered and did not have cameras.








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Great Start to your Tunnan Dmitri. :cheers:

I'm currently building the same kit and will watch your progress with intrest.

good tip on thoose Elf Landing lights, i think i will "borrow" that from you. :explode:

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Very nice job on the cockpit Dimitri. I don't know how far you want to take your build in terms of accuracy but the Neomega J29 has shape issues around the upper nose. I don't have access to my kit right now, but if I remember correctly, the windscreen is at the minimum too wide and there might be other shape problems as well. The problems are serious enough to through off the shape of the a/c to a disturbing degree. I am sorry that I cannot be more specific but I am sure you will find photos to compare with. It is a very nice kit otherwise.

Cheers Martinsson

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Hi Martinsson:

Thanks for the heads up! I'll certainly keep an eye on the shape in the area - I wasn't aware of any issues. I used drawings to follow the outline of the plane and it looked to be spot-on. Same with period photographs! I wonder what it is about - but once I'm at the step of final assembly I should be able to verify...

Another thing which version of the Neomega Tunnan are you referring to? Mine is the latest... there were two versions. Neomega reworked the design and released updated version several years ago.


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My version is the first that Neomega released. I was not aware that they updated the kit in between releases. Hopefully yours have been corrected. The problem is quite evident in my verison of the kit so you should be able to spot it easily if it is not corrected. Cheers Martinsson

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not too bad for a limited run resin kit, considering that was a second full resin kit by Neomega, and was mastered by hand, even the latest updated and redesigned release I'm building. Unlike the latest Yak-23 that was done in CAD (anyone picked it up at Telford??? :-); I hope it just falls together)

Anyway, fit is quite good. Obviously some negotiating and convincing were required, I needed to get some of the material out of the way to get the pit, wheel wells, intake and exhaust inside.

I'm on a dead line, therefore am cutting corners - I had to shorten the air intake, obviating more convincing :-) but... it is possible to get everything in - the fit would be very tight though...

Someone raised a flag about accuracy; for the life of me I couldn't find anything wrong! After comparing the kit to photos and matching to drawings it looks pretty dead on.

I can only presume that the earliest release had accuracy issues? I don't have it, so can't verify




I scratched the landing light cluster (Neomega curiously omitted it), but since it is a very distinctive feature of the Tunnan I wanted to add more details to it - namely light bulbs and the plate that holds lights in place.

Second to performing a surgery on bee's knee :-)

This is where I left it at:


Bath of Future to brake the bond and free up lenses:



Bulbs are in!



And lenses are attached again - I guess I'm done... It looks much neater in flesh - trust me! The macro makes things uglier for some reason


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