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Junk Cars

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Hey all,

Just looking for some tips on how to beat up model cars to make them look like they've been in a junkyard or farmer's field. Diorama forthcoming :whistle:

My buddies Scale Auto Mag collection didn't yield much, and believe it or not, there's not much on the web

Any help would be appreciated :taunt:

Cheers, Ian

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Hello Ian,

Have a look at the MIG productions forums here. They ran a group build for rusty vehicles and there are loads of tips & techniques in the various threads.

In the mean time here are three images to give you some inspiration from the recent UK IPMS Nationals.




Good luck with your project. It would be great to see some photos along the way if you get the chance. :taunt:


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You might want to check out some back issues of Fine Scale Modeller, I don't remember the specific issue. I know there was at least one very good article on how to recreate rusty weathered junk cars in there a few years back. If I recall the technique they used for recreating heavy rust involved superglue and baking soda done in multiple layers to build up the surface like heavily oxidized metal. It's worth a look, IIRC the effect was very convincing and looked very realistic.

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