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Ok, while the paint dried on my BTD-1 and F11F-1, I thought I might as well take another kit from the stash and have a look.

It's my 1/72 FJ-1 Fury from Pegasus. Small parts such as the cockpit, landing gear, and wheels are in in white metal. The rest is rather crudely molded plastic. I've tackled Pegasus kits before (their FR.1 Fireball and their XFV-1) so I know it'll be a challenge. But these can end up looking nice on the shelf, and they're often of subjects that aren't kitted.


You can see some of the molding issues on the fuselage:


And the sprue attachments on the leading edges of the wings will leave a lot of clean-up to do...


The cockpit opening isn't centered in the fuselage, being slightly to port...


And I'm not sure yet how I'm going to tackle the nose gear opening... :)




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Thanks for the kind works, guys!

I made some progress on the wings today. You can see the leading edges of the top and bottom halves don't really line up very well. The wing that isn't clamped is mostly cleaned up, with just some putty to be sanded.




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I added an "insert" to the port side of the cockpit, since the opening is off-center.



Here's the port fuselage half with part of the cockpit (no instrument panel, yet) and the nose gear well inserted (plus the weight!)


Here's another shot with the fuselage closed up...


As you can see, the top and bottom halves of the wings aren't exactly a good fit...I inserted more styrene strip to fill the gap.



And here are the corrections to the asymmetric nose gear opening. There's sill filling and sanding to do, obviously.


Finally, the tailpipe opening needs some attention! :unsure:




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Looks like you have a lot of work in front of you, but these kind of kits make you feel like a "real G-D modeler" when you get them whipped into shape. <_<

I've got a Pegasus Siemens Schuckert I've been working on, and I have to just take it in bites. Do a little work then build another kit, do a little more work, do another kit.

Good luck, I'm sure you will get it looking right.

Well Milicari,

May be you need a little work for this kit.

I like the Fury, but I can wait to another kit; i don´t have your skill level

Jose Miguel

Siga did a straight wing Fury and Emhar did a swept wing version, both look like a lot less work than the Pegasus kit.

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Thanks, Aaron. I've been taking it one piece at a time...with work on other projects to keep me sane!

I've built the swept wing Fury by Emhar...a good kit. Didn't know Siga did a straight wing one...might have to hunt one down!


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More than a month since I've updated this!

I evened out the tail opening, so that I will be able to insert a styrene tube.


And here's the status of the build now...wings and tail are on, as well as the nose.


At this point, there's been quite a bit of filling and sanding...good thing I got a complete restock of putty for Christmas! It may have been easier to simply have carved a Fury from a block of plastic...



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Well Mike, this kit looks like a real horror for assembling, but I must admitt you're coping with it very well :bandhead2:

Although it is nice to assemble kit without much puttying and sanding, somehow I really like to see when a modeller makes hish own input with styrene bits, wires and other scratchbuilt things :)

You almost passed main part - fuselage + wings... Is there many panel lines rescribing in plan?

Looking forward to see this one primered... it will definitelly even out all these puttying/sanding steps :bandhead2:



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Ok, so I haven't been around lately...too busy at work, and then I got in the zone on finishing my Revell USS Buckley that I've been working on for the past year.

I did manage to finish the Fury, too!

The first shot is the primer coat...


And then done! The decals were nice and thin, but printed singly, which meant it was a challenge to line everything up...





Hope you like it!



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