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Show off your Turkey!

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My God some of the work you guys have done is amazing! All I see that's missing is drip pans with some hydraulic fluid. Remember, if she ain't leaking, she's empty;)

Rhinolover, when I grow up I want to be able to build models like you and by the way, where did you get your cool watches?

Here's my contribution...Gunfighter 164 was DRMO'd by someone after I donated it during the Sunset build (sigh). She's a 1:48 scale Hasegewa F-14D w/ BB F-14D cockpit, Steel Beach intake covers, Fightertown VF-101 decals and the figures are from Czech Models.



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Here are a couple of mine....

This is an Academy 48th scale F-14B. I converted this from the Bombcat boxing using spare parts from Revell's F-14 kits and some scratch building


and this is a F-14D using the same Bombcat boxing as a base and scratching a few details, I also got the correct front IP from Revell's newer F-14B box


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well my only turkey still unbaked. i would like to have it built. any one up for it?


I'd be up for it.but shipping the finished model back over the border to you would cost more then what you paid in the first place.

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there is one thing i love about this with the pictures it shows that even though Grumman built all tomcats the same basically the is the paint that makes them individual's and gives each air frame an identity .

which is why i will be building tomcats for the rest of my life :wub:

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That is a very nice Turkey Juan. What kit did you build it from? My guess would be Hasegawa 1/48 scale.


Having spent a lot of time working on F-14A's, your jet looks spot on - wow! I mean even the colors of the seats are perfect.

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