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EA-6B goes to the Dark Side

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This scheme was just too cool not to do! It has to be one of the best looking schemes ever put on an airplane. I stripped down a Monogram Prowler I had on the shelf and did a repaint. I did just notice that I need to put "radioactive" decal on the radome. Needless to say, the satisfaction level was quite high. If only models would come already constructed and all I would have to do is paint, weather, and decal, life would be grand. LOL!










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The decals went on without a hitch. If you do them, start with the green stripes on the rudder, then put the green stripes on the football. When these are dry, move onto Darth Vader. Be careful, though, as there is very little decal film and the decal wants to fold over on itself.

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