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Take Off... to the great White North!

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Couuuu lou coo coo, cooooo loo coo coo...

Okay like Good day eh and welcome to the Great White North! Im your host for this group build Charlie Cheetah eh. Your other hosts will be chiming in soon. They are Barney "Barneydhc82" and our 'merican cousin Ralph "RKic", he's almost Canadian so he's cool eh, just dont let him drink too much of our beer.

Ok Gents, sorry for the late arrival, just getting settled in now, was a late night at work. You may commence building anytime. All projects are to be completed by midnight PST (GMT -8:00) on June 1st 2011 to be eligible for the raffles. Here are the full GB rules...

#1. Running time of the GB is December 1st 2010 til June 1st 2011.

#1.1 Model kit must at 25% completion or less at beginning of the GB to be an eligible build.

#2. Contest is open to any Canadian built and/or Canadian operated aircraft, civilian, commercial or military.

#3. Experimental and prototype aircraft are permitted as long as they actually flew and meet rule #2. (ie Canadair Dynavert, Avro Avrocar)

#4 "What Ifs" are not permitted, with the exception of a) Avro Arrow in operational schemes, :cop: Boeing F-35 in Canadian Markings.

#5 Canadian Built Aircraft constitutes either an aircraft built in Canada under license or built by a Canadian owned company in Canada.

#5.1 Aircraft must have been assembled in Canada, not simply having Canadian built components.

#6. Canadian Operated Aircraft as stated above may be operated by Canadian military, law enforcement, government agency, or Canadian Company, or a civilian aircraft with a Canadian registration.

#7 While the consumption of Canadian Beer is not a prerequisite, it can be consumed with moderation while building GB entries.

#7.1 Canadian Beer may be substituted with a large coffee from Tim Hortons.

#8 Please post 3 to 5 pictures of your completed build(s) in the gallery section, your first completed build will make you eligible for the raffle prizes.

As I get familiar with the forum moderating, Ill merge some of the previous posts from the General discussion and place them over here. Thanks everyone, have fun and keep your stick on the ice.

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If its not to late I'd be very interested in joining your group build. I just went out this afternoon and purchased a 1/72 F-104 star-fighter just for this. Now I need to find out how to buy the Red Indian decals from leading edge.

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