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Thanks Diego, just what i needed

Can I assume that when the F-5E carried 4 X Bl.755, 4 X BLU 27 or 4 X snakeeye, this mean short range

sortie ???


Well, if looking at standard IRIAF warloads, you have several options here:

- 2 Sidewinders always on wing-tip pylons,

- air-to-ground: four Mk.82s with Snakeye retarding fins (one under each wing pylon),

- anti-armor: two or four BL.755s of British origin (one under each wing pylon),

- anti-personnel: two or four BLU-27 napalm-filled fire bombs ( one under each wing pylon ) were also used extensively and with big success,

- sometimes 70mm rocket pods were also used, but apparently not very often.

- the underfuselage fuel tank was practically always carried, due to the lack of IFR capability.



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Hi, I have been following your build, as I am building one as well. I was intending on building it with the canopy closed, but it's a real bear to get a decent fit, especially ar the rear. I was wondering what your intention was going to be with your canopy, open or closed?

TIA and great job on your F-5E


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Thanx Brad :D

I always intended to have an open canopy. As you can see from my WIP pics the fit of the closed canopy isn´t that good and I think you need some additional work to make it fit. Mainly just sanding actually.

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