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If you notice the theme, I'm going with a few easy projects for this in the hopes that I will be able to finish at least one of them. Obligatory box and decal shot:


So far, I've assembled the rear fuselage, painted the wheel wells, landing gear, interior of the gear doors, and all of the cockpit pieces. I put the decal on the instrument panel this morning, hopefully I'll be able to install the cockpit and close up the forward fuselage halves tonight.



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Under the gun, marathon building at its finest...

Fuselage has been assembled for some time, no pictures unfortunately.

Glass installed and masked.

Airframe primed and painted gloss white:



Blue and red were masked and painted, cleared, decaled, and cleared. Detail painting, final assembly and wahlah, finished model!! :yahoo: :blink:


I think the blue skunk stripe came out a little too dark. I used Insignia Blue, and I think I would have been better off with Blue Angel Blue, oh well. I think the red was a good match though. I used Testors Ford Engine Red. I'll post more finished pics over in the completed builds forum. Thanks for looking!


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