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And the third project (for now). A 1/144 CP-140 Aurora.

Box and Decal shot:


And progress thus far. I'm not going to put the interior in this, because in this scale with those tiny windows, you just wouldn't see it anyway. Fuselage and wings glued together.


Next up, seam cleanup and engine nacelles.


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Got some serious 11th hour modeling going on here.

Fuselage and wings have been joined in holy matrimony, glass has been added and masked, nacelles added, and the whole thing has receieved a coat of white primer, and then gloss white over the top of the fuselage and vertical tail.


Since the picture was taken, the gray and black have been sprayed, the whole thing has been cleared, decaled, and cleared, and everything has been assembled except for the propellers, which have been painted and cleared in anticipation of decaling. Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze this one in under the deadline. More pictures to come... :pray:

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Ok, so we left off with the propellers needing decals and installation and then we'd be done right? Wrong!!

So I got the props finished, which you can see here, still needing some touch up paint:


I'm thinking great, almost there, and I'll have three entries for the GB finished in time, SWEET!! I start to install the propellers, but as I'm looking at the model, something just doesn't look quite right. Then it hits me, you IDIOT!, you've captured their stunt doubles! No wait, that's not right, sorry, wrong movie.

No, YOU IDIOT, you've glued the engine faces on UPSIDE DOWN!! :bandhead2::bandhead2:

You've got to be kidding me! And then I remember assembling them, thinking "gee, these don't fit very well, huh, maybe its just a crappy kit" :stupid:

So now what do I do? Just leave it and hope noone notices? No, can't do that. I've got three former P-3 crew members in my club, at least one of them is bound to notice. Well, fortune favors the bold, so lets see what kind of damage I can do. So I whip out my trusty PE saw and get to work.



One down, and that took less than 5 minutes! This isn't that bad. So I cut the other three off, no drama, plug the props on, add a little touch up paint around the cut area and whala, CP-140 is complete!! :OMG-OMG:


Not too shabby if I do say so myself. It certainly won't win any contests, but I'm very happy with the results. Also, don't misconstrue the last minute repair as anything but dumb dumb luck. Believe me on that one.

Anyway, hope you like it and thanks for looking! More pictures will be posted in the completed builds thread.


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