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"Europe 1 grey" - what color code?

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I´m about to build a HH-2D Seasprite. These helos flew CSAR in Vietnam and were painted, as Cobrahistorian told me, in "europe 1 grey". I got some pictures, but of low color quality. Can someone help me with a definition of "europe 1 grey"? I´d go for something like gunship grey, or would that be the wrong color?



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Euro One is FS 36081 and is a very dark gray (if you do WW II Luftwaffe - RLM-66 Black Gray is actually a hair lighter) Gunship is 36118 and has a lighter as well as bluer side to it, Euro 1 is almopst pure dark gray. I have also seen it mentioned as 'Engine Gray' in the past - especially as regarding USN utility schemes from the 50's and 60's. Euro I came from the scheme that replaced the Vietnam TAC scheme with darker and somewhat bluer greens and grays in the 1980s. It was the last scheme that some of the last USAF Phantoms flew in (along with Egypt I)

Europe 1




Now these seem closer in tone on this chart than the last ones I opened and used. Gunship on a lizzard schemed A-10 is way too light compared to Euro I, even when they look this close

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