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Hello All

Is it just me or do paypal really suck!. I have never had the miss fortune of dealing with a more unprofessional set-up. They have the manners and customer service of a horses arse. I have closed both my accounts (which they don't make easy) and cancelled my CC as they have it on record........ I even closed my e bay account just in case. I do not trust Paypal being any were near my funds.. I guess I will use other avenues for buying 2nd hand kits. Am I being paranoid !!! these people are bad bad people

is it just me !!!

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I have never had an issue buying.. the first thing I sell is a mobile phone for 250 euros.. so.. the money comes into my account they freeze my account so I cant get the funds for 180 days. ( by the way people there is no such thing as seller protection) more over I make 2 payments locally which they try to take 2 times from my credit card.. both times the amounts are authorised and they don't take the funds..

i call the help desk.

. they are rude and unhelpfull and tell me if I dont pay they will pursue other means....

But I tell the the funds have been authorised and all they have to do is make the capture...

but NOOOOOOO its my problem they cant get the money.

I rang my CC people.. they say the funds are authorised for the 2nd time as the 1st time they just did not collect... still waiting for it to be resolved

bunch of cowboys http://www.paypalsucks.com/

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I guess I don't understand what you are saying. You sold a phone. Why are they holding your funds for 180 days? I've never heard of that. Also, why are you making payments? Are you also buying something else, but you said you never had an issue buying. There seems to be a lot more here than what you've said.

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I sold a AYEPHONE on ebay last year to someone in austria, they said they never received it. I lost the phone and maybe the £380. But i transfered the funds the moment they hit my paypal account into my bank. im now being phoned daily and threatened with court. Every time they phone i just asked if they have my phone when they say no i tell them to F*** off and don't phone untill you have, because i want either the phone or the money.. guees il be going to county court soon.


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I guess I don't understand what you are saying. You sold a phone. Why are they holding your funds for 180 days? I've never heard of that. Also, why are you making payments? Are you also buying something else, but you said you never had an issue buying. There seems to be a lot more here than what you've said.

When buying I always use my CC. Then to sell I had to open a Paypal account and link it to my bank so I can transfer the buyers funds.. I sold something (HTC) I got the funds from the buyer. ( A person with 100+ possive on ebay who I have spoken to on the phone).. then it all went wrong. Paypal would not release the funds and would not tell me why and started to my mamma hates me up on the buying part as well ( 2 transactions that Paypal have paid for on my behalf and then fail to get the funds from my bank). it got so complicated and i just cant cope with talking to the customer service people anymore !!

Like I said maybe its just me..!

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I had a similar situation - sold a kit to a guy in Spain. He claimed non-receipt and BAM! paypal

put my money on hold. I contacted the buyer, and suggested the kit was being delayed in

customs. The guy finally got the kit (it WAS being delayed in customs) and paypal released my

money. Paypal ended up holding my money only two days.

Paypal has buyer protection, but the seller is left on his/her own. As for me, I now sell only

to USA and Canada, because I can track the shipments. I prefer UPS over the USPS, because

the UPS tracking system is second-to-none. UPS also includes automatic insurance coverage

up to $100.

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I had something similar happen to me.

I sold an Iwata Smart jet to some one in NJ and he claimed he never received it.

Paypal put a hold on my account and and i authorised the money be given back.

even with that the A hole gave me the only neg feedback i ever had and hes enjoying a free

compressor on my dime.

In retrospect it was my fault for not making sure to get delivery confirmation from USPS

as to international sales; i just don't do it unless they pay UPS or FedEx period

this will save you a lot of problems in the future.

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I've used PayPal for many years and have never had an issue. Take as many precautions as you can to protect yourself and use common sense, but that doesn't mean that PayPal is bad. And in regards to customer service, I've had one person challenge a purchase saying it was never received, the funds were held for 30 days, but the item arrived approximately one week after the person opened the complaint. It was not a surprise, I was kept informed of what was going on via e-mail, and it was really a non-issue and the funds were only held that long because the recipient didn't acknowledge receipt of the item despite tracking showing they signed for it.


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The thing about PayPal, Ebay OWNS it!

I hd no problems until I paid for a fretlight guitar and the seller told me all the LED's on the fretboard worked. After I got it I found out most of the LED's worked. If you don't know what a fretlight guitar is search it on google.

Any way, I contacted the seller numerous times and he refused to reply back to me. So a week later I gave him negative feedback and contacted ebay. Ebay CHARGED ME a $50 fee to dispute the charge, and my bank charged me a $25 dispute charge. So not only was I out $600 ofr the gutiar but also an additional $75 to dispute it.

The seller finally sent me my money back after I returned the guitar, but it still cost me $75 to dispute it and another $60 something to ship it back with insurance. After that I bought another guitar from a guy out of Florida and told him I would ONLY pay by postal money order, NO MORE PayPal.

The seller had good contact with me until he got the postal money order. The "NEW" seller avoided me after he got the money order, so I sent him numerous e-mails and he would not reply back so after 2 weeks. I got one of my team mates, who is a Full Time Texas State Trooper, (DPS), send him an e-mail as me, (the buyer). He explained to the seller that he, (me) was a law enorcement officer and told him he investigates mail fruad and other internet fruadulent crimes and he was on his (my), way to Florida State Police Headquarters not only to file mail fruad and other legal terms he mentioned in the e-mail to the seller, but was also going to go to the address with law enforcement officials knocking on the door.

Then I reported the money order stolen, (which it would take 6 weeks to get my money refunded after filing the form and the Post Office verifies the money order was not cashed), within almost 2 weeks the envelope was returned, UNOPENED, with "Return to Sender unknown address".

So here is what I do now. I haven't sold anythijng on ebay in a very long while, several years and their fees are a little high, but I still buy on e-bay.

I contact the seller and explain to them that I ONLY pay by U.S. Postal Money Order and I ONLY mail it to VERIFIED addresses, NO P.O. Boxes.

Since then I have not had any issues on ebay except sellers NOT leaving me feedback when they recieved payment and shippped the item.

It pays to be super careful when dealing with people on e-bay. Now people who haev ebay stores are pretty good. It is some of the individuals you have to worry about. I suggest that if you do buy on e-bay, MAKE SURE to get VERIFIED addresses PRIOR to wining the auction, that way at least you have the sellers address.

Also make sure you do NOT deal with anyone who has negative feedback!

E-bay got too big for it' britches and don't really protect the buyer. It is another scam to suck money out of someone.....the Buyer!

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The thing about PayPal, Ebay OWNS it!...

E-bay got too big for it' britches and don't really protect the buyer. It is another scam to suck money out of someone.....the Buyer!

I agree with you there, that eBay has gotten "too big for it' britches", but have to strongly disagree with you on the protecting the buyer part. Between eBay and PayPal, the seller is screwed royally and has absolutely no protection. For example, I recently sold some items, mailed them out. All was fine but one, the bidder changed his mind AFTER the item was posted and tracking info filed. My auctions stated no returns. He does not accept the package and filed a complaint with eBay. eBay rules in my favour then turned around and took the money from my account and refiunded the bidder... HUH?

I tried contacting eBay and almost an hour after the online chat I was no further ahead. When I said eBay STOLE money from my PayPal account, the girl on the other end said eBay doesn't steal money. I replied, "what do you call it when someone takes money from your PayPal account with out your permission and more so, after they had ruled in your favour?" She didn't have an answer to that one.

No, but between eBay and PayPal, especially after eBay made those changes that prevent sellers from leaving anything but a positive feedback, it's been down hill from there. eBay destroyed their competition years ago and when they got PayPal, and eliminated the option for money order or other payments, sellers were left high and dry without any options. Bidder claims they didn't get their item, PayPal yanks the money from your account. Bidder does a return to sender, your money is yanked and your are out of pocket the shipping costs on top of it all.

If I had the means, I'd love to find a way to stick to both of those companies, but that is not a realistic option, so just have to look for alternatives (which also may not exactly be a realistic option either...).

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Hey Big Kohona, I can understand that. I always contact the seller prior to placing any bid if they will accept a postal money order. So far everyone of the accepted it.

Now on a seller's stand point. when I sold an item on ebay. I ALWAYS used delivery confirmation, or require a signature upon delievery. That is another way for the seller to be protected. Yes, it costs a little extra when shipping in some cases, but the dope on the other end can't claim he didn't recieve it either!

There are too many scammers and thieves out there and everyone just has to take more precautions.

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Just joined and have had paypal before but never had any problems...

I just got an e mail to acknowledge and inform ME that MY funds have been transferred from the bank whichI carried out did about 5 days ago....

....It does take the banking system to take Five days to clear ordinary transactions so I was not worried...IMHO I think They


HOLMES :cheers:

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