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Balkan Rat and 439 Tiger meet joint build

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They both look quite nice Mark. I have a set of those Tigermeet decals, just wondering if its from the new batch or not.

You will know as soon as you place the first Tiger Stripe down.........

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Looking good Mark!

You're showing amazing patience with the canopies. By the time I get to that point of a build, I tend to just glue the suckers down and accept the poor fit... Good work.

Good luck with the Hawk course!


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Almost finished, just the a bunch of small stuff to complete on both jets. Landing gear is on both jets, weapons are done.

Balkan Rat underside.



Aires canopy rail, white wires are stretched sprue


Now painted, but without a flat coat.



More to come.

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And to talk about patience, building those seat belts for the Aires seat. Each strap is 5 metal etch pieces, the long strap, 2 pieces to the metal buckles, a ring the attaches to the inertial reel strap (in blue).

The straps by themselves and the seat.


The metal etch added to the seat, still have to paint the handle that orange color and flat coat.


Side profile showing the hanging straps.


Aires open exhaust with worn looking exhaust pedals.



So hopefully I can finish the other stuff tomorrow and have complete models. The Hobby Boss kit has places for the small position lights (underwings, on lex, and tails) but do not supply the parts so I will have to stratch build those. More pics to follow.



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Well the weekend is here and I had time to take some better pics: Hasegawa CF-18 in Balkan Rat Markings.








This was definitely the better of the 2 kits to build. Pics of the Tiger Meet to follow.


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